The Reckless Pursuit: Pursuing Christ and not caring about the consequences.

Have you ever felt like an outcast in church? Like you have thousands of questions but are too afraid of asking them because people just won’t get it? Maybe you’ve asked those questions and got a canned, generic answer that left you feeling beat down or lonely. Maybe those questions lead you to deconstruct your faith or walk away from church altogether. 

We get it. We are right there with you. That’s why we started The Reckless Pursuit. We are for the spiritual Nomads, the outcasts, and the ones who desire to ask the hard questions. We want to give people like you (and like us!) a place to stop and rest. So come and have a seat at our table, unload those heavy burdens and let’s have a conversation because, despite our differences, we are all in pursuit of the same thing. Oh, and at our table, there’s no such thing as an outsider.


Here’s a rundown of what all you can find here at The Reckless Pursuit:

  • Weekly Podcasts where we discuss all aspects of faith and spirituality. This ain’t your church’s sermon of the week! From deconstruction, mental health, and church abuse, to sex, the spiritual journey, and alternative biblical interpretation, we desire to leave no stone unturned.
  • Weekly Blogs to dive a bit deeper into the conversations buzzing around. A podcast alone just isn’t enough time! After the red light stops we sit with what was said and allow the completeness of the conversation to come to the surface. Then we relate that over to the blog to expand bit more on the topics.
  • NOMADS Academy is a work-in-progress solution to giving those who want to dive a bit deeper a chance to gain access to courses, videos, and publications that can help you learn who you are in your faith. (NOMADS Academy is coming soon! Join our email list to get instant access as soon as we launch!)


About Cody & Elaine

In February of 2018, Cody and Elaine were sitting in their car trying to figure out what to do next. Cody had just quit his ministry position of 7 years. You could say that he and the leadership were… no longer on the same page. Elaine was about to graduate with her degree in Psychology. The two of them had a shared heart to help people, a now free schedule, and most importantly, A TON OF QUESTIONS! But let’s back up just a bit.

Walking away from something you have done for a quarter of your life is never an easy thing. And for Cody, Church is something that he knew all too well. He had been in church since he was a child. He could fake church with the best of them but he always knew he didn’t quite fit in with that crowd. There were just too many questions to ask; too many aspects of God that the church wasn’t willing to explore.

Elaine, on the other hand didn’t start her church journey until she was an older teen. And that, as she says, was a huge blessing. It’s amazing how hard it is to unlearn a lifestyle you have always been a part of but for Elaine, her questions were a natural part of her living and a church had never taken that away. From the moment she started her journey into faith she was encouraged to ask her questions. Her mentor was one of the good ones.

Fast forward to 2015. Cody, on the verge of a complete burnout was desperate to find a life giving atmosphere where he could engage with a community and get to just “be church” instead of constantly having to “do church”. A friend invited him to an on campus ministry at the local college and while college wasn’t really Cody’s thing, being around people close in age and getting to be a little less responsible sounded nice. 

It just so happened that through a string of seemingly not-so-fortunate compromises, Elaine ended up attending the college where Cody visited. And after a quick introduction, an awkward first conversation, and an even worse first date they ended up hitting it off. In December of 2016, Cody and Elaine said their I-Do’s and started this new journey together.  



Cody is a musician, writer, and is passionate about learning new faith perspectives. Cody loves to create and takes joy in building and crafting whatever is on his mind. – Cody writes music under the moniker, “Braille Atlas”. You can find his work on itunes, spotify, and wherever else music is sold. – Cody also hosts another podcast, Itinerant: Biblical History Beyond the Bibe. Itinerant is a blend of folktale style story telling and accounts of biblical history, merged with other cultural perspectives to help the listener gain a natural curiosity. –Learn more about Itinerant:


Elaine is a proficient writer and avid coffee enthusiast. She loves to journal and can often be found tucked away in a cozy corner caught up in deep conversation. She has a knack for understanding people on an emotional level and helping them feel comfortable and relatable. – Elaine is the founder of Spirituality Untamed. There she writes to help women understand their creative abilities, value, and sense of self. – Elaine is also the host of her own podcast, Spirituality Untamed, as she encourages women to dig deeper and find their own Spiritual Giftings. –Learn more about Spirituality Untamed: