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Who We Are

Hi there! We are Cody and Elaine!


we are your hosts at The Reckless Pursuit!


We want to create a place for people to ask the hard qustions about Christian faith. Maybe church has left you wishing they would tackle the real life stuff. Maybe you need a safe place to discuss your thoughts, or maybe you have walked away from church but don't want to give up on Jesus. No matter the cause, we are here to give you a voice!

So how do we do it?


Every Monday, we have a brand new episode ready and waiting to tackle another question!


Every Wednesday, we have a freshly baked batch of words to dive deeper into the conversation!


Every Friday, we drop a new video to entertain and inspire! These aren't your basic sermon videos!

And of course, the community!


Maybe this already sounds like your kind of place. Great!

We would love to hear your voice and give you a safe place to share your heart! click below and ask to join!

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