Project: Outcast

Not all who wander are lost...

Picture this:

You are on a journey. You do not know where this journey will take you or what lies ahead, but you are following a path directed by forces beyond your understanding. You have but a few essentials on you: some water, maybe something for a small shelter, and a candle that's about to burn out. But wait! In the distance, you see a strange fire billowing up from the earth. You hear voices echoing in the distance and it gives you hope. But not for long. Soon you learn these people are not accepting of those who have wandered off. They have what you need but are unwilling to share. But don't worry, there are others out there just like you and there is more than one way to start a fire.

there is more than one way to start a fire.

What is Project: Outcast?

Project Outcast is a short film project that is intended to bring a visual representation to the mission of The Reckless Pursuit: To give Christians a safe place to ask unsafe questions. Maybe the traditional church hasn't offered up the answers you are asking? Maybe you have doubts that you have not felt safe expressing? Or maybe you feel as if you are an outcast yourself and that despite your efforts, you just don't fit in. Than the Reckless Pursuit might just be what you're looking for!

We want to be the proverbial shelter in the desert; a safe place to share our thoughts, hopes, and dreams. We do this by offering a place to come together to openly share online, a podcast and blog to pour out free weekly content to help fuel you on your journey, and soon, so much more. We invite you to come and sit at our table and be a part of our tribe.

hopefully, this short film will help many of us to realize that though we may wander, we are not alone.


Meet the team:

Cody Johnston

Cody is a Co-Host here at the reckless pursuit.

Elaine Johnston

Co Producer
Elaine is a co-host here at the Reckless Pursuit. She is also is a writer for her blog at

Kristofer Flatt

Kristofer is a cinematographer and owner of FlattKatt Productions:

Pam Book

Production Designer