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A podcast isn't a podcast without audio! And we know how important it is to make your audio sound great.


From editing out accidents and reducing unnaturally long pauses to fixing loudness and mastering to an industry standard, we take pride in your show and do our absolute best to help you sound as professional as possible. 

Audio might be what people come for, but show notes are what gets them to give your show a chance!
We go back and relisten to every episode after we edit to write professional and relevant shownotes that are sure to spark a curiosity in your potential listeners. We also take extra care to insert all necessary links to direct your listeners further into your ecosystem and get them engaged in your content.

Recording a podcast is one thing, but you can't stop there. You have to get it in front of your audience! Don't worry, we've got you covered!


We can create quote cards, sound bites, Instagram stories, quote videos, and even Instagram TV or Youtube videos from your Zoom interviews to help you reach far and wide across social media. Couple that with some of those shownote lines and you are set to deliver rich and engaging content right into your listener's laps.

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Fill out the form below and book a free podcast audit with us! We will go through your show and find a few key tips to help you take your show to the next level, at no cost to you!


Cody and Elaine have been in the podcasting world since 2013. They currently host The Reckless Pursuit together and Cody hosts Itinerant: Biblical History Beyond the Bible.

Elaine writes at The Prodigal Daughter and is in the process of producing her own podcast under the same name. 


Cody and Elaine combined have over 8 years of podcast production experience and 15+ years of writing experinece. 

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