134 – Giving Yourself Grace (and Identifying Spiritual Triggers)

We all have moments where we have to offer up a little grace, but how often do we extend that grace to ourselves?

The spiritual journey is kind of like those gumball machines we used to use as a kid. You know the ones; you drop the quarter in and give the knob a turn and the little gumball falls out of the bin and spirals around and around until finally you can get your hand on it. Except in this analogy, we are the gumball…

Sometimes we feel close to God. Other times we struggle to even believe the there is a God. But through it all, we MUST give ourselves grace. Grace is the thing that allows us to progress further down our journey. Think of that gumball again. Sure, there were ties it seemed out of view but it always circled back, this time a bit closer to you finally being able to grab ahold of it. It takes the back and forth, the spinning closer and farther away to draw closer to our objective. 

There’s a reason Jesus always spoke in parables and if Christ is indeed God, it’s not a far cry to assume parables are sewn into the fabric of creation. God wants us to find the beauty that is Him in every aspect of life. And He gives grace for us to enjoy that journey. So if God can give us grace, we have to learn to give ourselves grace as well.

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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