148 – A Year of Finding Christ Through Finding Ourselves

How did we find more of Christ in 2020? By looking deeper into ourselves and pursuing our God-Given Passions.

2020… whew. What a year and while 2021 doesnt mean we are out of the woods, it sure feels like a much-needed reset. But despite the seeming chaos befalling the globe, 2020 offered many of us a new perspective and a new way to view life. From the mindfulness of others to tangible things like working remotely or being on the front lines of necessity, we have learned to adapt and grow (well, kind of.) 

This week, we are taking a look back at 2020 and how our Spiritual Journey has progressed. We talk about how we found God by finding and understanding more of ourselves and how to lay down Spiritual Obligation. 

It’s been a crazy, life-altering year but if we know where to look, there is much to be learned, more to be gained, and even more yet to find.

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

If you are a woman looking to find your God-given purpose and let it loose, Elaine has a podcast for you. visit Spirituality Untamed

Snow Day - Braille Atlas
Snow Day – Braille Atlas

Listen to Snow Day, a new, instrumental album created by Cody: http://brailleatlas.com/snowday

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