159 – Those who Get Caught in the Weeds Get Covered in Ticks

No one online cares that much about your opinions unless you share the same opinions as they do. There, we said it.

Have you ever been scrolling along and saw someone share something that just burned you up? Maybe you were watching the news and just learned a new, outrageous thing to be upset about. “I can’t believe they did this!?” 

News Flash: This is all intentional. Controversy keeps ratings high, money flowing, people in power, and most importantly, you under its dominion. I know, I know. We are sounding a bit like conspirators. Then I invite you to go through history and observe how this is and has been the case for years. Control people’s emotions, control the people. 

From political powers to religious institutions and everything in between, the Satanic mindset of control has been deployed. So how do we get free of it? It’s simple! (and not so simple…) Cut off the flow of information. You can’t be upset and meaningless things if no one can tell you what to be mad about. 

Now, We are not saying to turn a blind eye. Not at all! Just, focus on things that ACTUALLY matter, not things intended to distract us from those things. Remember: those who get caught up in the weeds get covered in ticks. 

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

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Snow Day – Braille Atlas

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