What Autumn Teaches Us About Deconstruction

Autumn reminds us that it’s okay to let things go.

I’ve seen this quote, or at least a variant of this quote, floating around the internet lately. It’s honestly a very deep quote if you think about it. There is something so simple yet so freeing about the way the leaves change in Autumn. Even though the leaves are literally decaying in preparation of the Winter dormancy, it is absolutely beautiful in the process. And I think the same process of changing applies to deconstruction.

If you’ve been paying attention, Cody and I have been talking a lot about deconstruction on our podcast. Last week, we interviewed five different people on their deconstruction stories and how it ultimately helped grow their faith. To fully understand their perspectives, though, we had to cut the episode into two parts. This week, we focused on who God is to them, through the process of deconstruction. After listening to what these people had to say, I realize now what better season to talk about deconstruction than Autumn? If there is anything to be learned from Autumn, it is that deconstruction is a breeding ground for new things to come.

Of course, there are seasons for every part of our lives. Sometimes there are dry seasons where we are heavily relying on God to show up. Other times, we have seasons of life where opportunities flourish. But it’s the in-between seasons that I think we truly learn from. Autumn is probably my favorite season for evaluation. And I think deconstruction is a season of evaluation, in preparation for the new season to come.

Autumn teaches us that in order to have exponential growth, we have to be able to throw some things out. Maybe you have some baggage you feel like is weighing you down. Throw it out. Maybe there are toxic relationships that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Let them go. Or maybe you just have a new perspective on life and what to start over. You are free to start over. Just as starting over is completely necessary for the world to keep spinning, it is completely necessary for you to keep trying to grow into who God is calling you to be.

Autumn allows us the freedom to “deconstruct” from our old roots and find new grounds. Sometimes God calls us to “deconstruct” from our old ways of living to find rejuvenation in Him.

Just like the beauty in the everchanging leaves, you are also called to be set free.

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