Bold Faith or a Bad Practice of The Gospel?

Bullying for Christ is not bold faith, but actually a bad practice of The Gospel.

I mean, think about it. Too often we see Christians spewing hate in the name of their “bold faith”. There are people who call themselves Christians yet mock others for their opposite belief systems.

If Christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace, love, and understanding, then why has Christianity been misrepresented so badly? There are a lot of non-believers who think that Christianity is actually one of the most hateful and hypocritical religions out there.

Instilling Fear and Hatred Is Not Part of The Great Commission

Actually, before recording this week’s episode, I found a popular hashtag floating around on Twitter, #ExposeChristianSchools. I honestly don’t think it was by accident that I found the hashtag either. After reading countless tweets from people who felt completely indoctrinated in believing false truths from their religious teachers, no wonder so many people struggle with accepting Christianity. It is no wonder so many are angry with God. No wonder so many people hate Christians. I would probably hate me too. Honestly, if you want a new perspective on what it’s like instilling fear and hatred into the hearts of young innocent children, I dare you to go look up the hashtag.

What hurts my heart though, isn’t that people have a false view of Christianity. It’s that we have allowed people bullying in the name of Christ to give people a false view of Christianity. My hurt aches for the tweets I saw online. My stomach hurts even thinking about the people who are scared to even open up about the things they faced from false Christianity.

Jesus Loves The “Sinners”, So Why Don’t We?

I think the hardest thing for me is that knowing who Jesus was in the Bible is far from how Jesus’ followers are portrayed now. Since when did Jesus laugh and mock those who didn’t believe? When did Jesus ever hate those who were lost in sin? Since when did Jesus ignore those who were hurting? The Jesus I know and have read about sought after those we avoid eye contact with on the street corner. The Jesus I know loves those we persecute online. If the Jesus I know widely opens His arms for the broken and heavy burdened, why aren’t we?

In order for people to know the true nature of Jesus, we must know the true nature of Jesus ourselves.


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