Change Can Be a Good Thing

Change is a good thing. 

I feel like the above statement is super fitting for 2019. As we approach almost a year of podcasting, there are a lot of changes we are going to start implementing. We love the community we have here and we want to see it flourish.

I know a lot of people are afraid of that term. Often times, new beginnings and transitional seasons can feel scary. Stepping into the unknown can be hard. But, change can be a good thing, mind you. Last week, we talked about how New Years resolutions and goal setting can seem daunting at times. Especially with the start of a new year or a new era, it’s often hard to let things go.

Sometimes it seems scary to jump ship after you poured your heart and soul into something bigger than you. But it’s not about jumping ship or losing hope. It’s about the freedom of being able to change and mold and evolve and adapt to your greater calling.

And you know what? I think it’s time for The Reckless Pursuit to do just that. We love this community and we love being able to freely discuss our faith. But there are tough questions to be asked. There are things that we, as Christians and believers struggle with. I don’t think we’ve allowed ourselves to have questions because we are afraid of what other people think.

You know what? We’re done with that mindset. We believe in chasing truth and asking the hard questions. There are so many things that we are unsure of but we ignore those things because we have been taught to not “rock the boat”.

But I believe Jesus rocked the boat.

I believe that Jesus wasn’t afraid of asking the hard questions. Jesus wasn’t afraid to share his beliefs, despite those who mocked Him.

We are wanting to recklessly pursuit Christ and understand what it means to truly have faith. If that means we lose a couple people along the way, that’s okay. Change can be a good thing.

The Reckless Pursuit is all about building relationships with people, especially those who aren’t like us. I think relationships flourish when we are able to use our differences. When we are able to see each other’s different thoughts and opinions as strengths, that is when we are able to truly grow.

Change can be a good thing.

Are you ready for it?

As always, be brave, be bold, and be reckless.

You can sit at our table,

Cody and Elaine Johnston

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