015 – Race In The Church

This week, Cody and Elaine talk with Brian Gregory from “The More Than Milk Podcast”. They talk about how race in the church is handled, the misconceptions different races have of one another and how the past and present play a part. They discuss racism and how often racism isn’t even intentional and how we can come together in unity instead of racial division.

/ˈrās/ - each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics. - a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group. - the fact or condition of belonging to a racial division or group; the qualities or characteristics associated with this.

Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory

co-host of The More Than Milk Podcast.
Brian Gregory is a co-host of The More Than Milk Podcast. He recently finished his bachelors in Political Science and can quote the Lion King word-for-word.Listen to The More Than Milk Podcast:

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