067 – The Numbers Of The Head (Enneagram Part 4 With Ryan Lui)

Some of us spend all our time in our heads. whether it’s acquiring knowledge, drowning out the negatives, or over-thinking things, the numbers 5, 6, and 7 all fall into the Head triad. The one thing the head hates is what it cannot process. This is why problems both big and small can overwhelm these numbers and send them down the dark road of fear. This week, we are talking with Enneagram coach Ryan Lui, author of the book “Being Is greater Than Doing”. Ryan has a knack for understanding the good in everyone and he’s here today to share his wisdom on the mind triad, and helps us answer the question, “How can the enneagram help you be a better Christian?”.

fear: /ˈfir/ – an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

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Ryan Lui

Ryan Lui

Enneagram Coach / Author of “Being Is Greater Than Doing”
Ryan Lui helps people love who God made them to be, live fully devoted to Christ, and lead others to that same life of abundance.His life motto is to love your self, live your best, and lead from both. He believes that everyone has a unique calling that when followed, results in fulfillment and fruitfulness. Ryan loves to talk about the connection between personality & spiritual growth, the significance of singleness and Gospel moments in film & television. Ryan is a pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver,B.C., an accredited Enneagram practitioner and the author of Being is Greater than Doing. You can download his many free resources at ryanlui.com.Visit RyanLui.com

Website: https://ryanlui.com
Be sure to visit Ryan’s site and grab a copy of his free Ebook, “The Nine Kinds of Christians“!

•   What has been your motivation in life? What is that passion that has been guiding you and how has God been calling you to redeem it? And how has He been calling you to embrace it?

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