How to Spread Positivity During A National Crisis

Many of us are struggling right now. So, what can we do with the time we’re given? Here are some tips on how to spread positivity during a national crisis.

It’s no secret that our Nation, as well as countries all over the world, are dealing with the threat of COVID-19. The world is in a very interesting place right now.

So what are we going to do about it?

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to be positive

Well, we need to first recognize that we can use this situation as an opportunity. Y’all, this is an opportunity to spread positivity during a national crisis. Many of us are dealing with fear and anxiety about the unknown. We don’t exactly know when things are going back to “normal”, or if things ever will go back to normal. With all of the business closings, postponed social events, and school cancellations, we don’t actually know what we’re dealing with. However, there is something we can still rely on.

The world may be a really scary place right now. But, you know what? There is actually something we can do about it. We may not know what the future holds, but we can make sure we spread positivity.

Fear is contagious, but so is kindness

So, how can we speak life into this situation?

Well first, we need to recognize that at the core, we need community. We’re gonna need to stick together if we are going to survive this thing.

I understand things are hectic but I can’t help but see the beauty in the chaos. This is an opportunity to set aside our political lines and religious walls and offer hope to those around us.

If we are going to survive COVDI-19 or any other national and/or global crisis, we are going to have to band together. What services are you able to offer? What resources do you currently have that you can extend to those who don’t have access? Do you have any extra groceries you can donate to families? Can you offer any free business advice or help strategize with those who may be facing turmoil because of these issues? Are you able to offer hope in any capacity at all? If there is an opportunity for you to show up at this time, now is the time to come through.

The greatest thing you can do in this situation is just to show up for others. Doctors, I see you and applaud you for your humility to help those physically heal. But leaders, we also need you to stand up and spread kindness. Comedians, we need you to spread joy and laughter. Coaches, we need you to spread positivity and hope. Pastors, we need you to speak life into this situation.

Humans, we desperately need you. Even if you don’t have anything physical to give, can you just sit with those who are struggling mentally? Can you utilize services such as Zoom or Skype or Facebook to spread the message of hope? I have to believe that if we speak LIFE into this situation, we are able to bounce back quicker than ever before.

Y’all, it’s up to us to use COVID-19 to our advantage. How can you see this as an opportunity to grow and heal and learn?

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