Whatever You Do, Keep Asking Questions

Keep asking questions, even if it seems like no one has the answers.

I know the world can seem like a lonely place, especially when you are going through or coming out of Deconstruction. When we seek the truth for ourselves, we often feel like we end up with more questions than answers. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

See, the thing we ought to remember is that regardless of how heavy our questions are, how unconventional they may be or how backward they may seem, God isn’t afraid of our questions. In fact, that’s how we grow deeper with our relationship with God.

If Your Questions Scare You, You May Be Asking the Right Ones

There is literally no question that scares God out of a relationship with us. I mean, God gifted us with free-thought and I feel we should exercise that gift.

Now, I know questions can seem dangerous. It’s easy to feel stuck in our questions. But when we question life around us, we tend to unravel the truth. And when we dig a little deeper, we recognize that we already have the truth within us.

One of our podcast friends, Austin Fletcher, host of New Age Christianity recently shared a thought about how if something about our spiritual journey doesn’t resonate with us, that just means we need to ask God to show us why it doesn’t resonate with us. If the surface level answer isn’t good enough for us, we need to dig a little deeper.

See, there is beauty in the unknown. There is beauty in understanding who God is and what our spiritual journey looks like to us. And it’s okay if it doesn’t make sense to someone else. Why? Because we are all on a spiritual journey. And as much as we need to protect and appreciate ours, we also need to respect that other people may do it differently.

So, if your questions scare you, you may be asking the right ones.

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