Sometimes We Just Need to Open the Door

Sometimes we care more about what door to open than God does.

This doesn’t mean God doesn’t care what path we choose, but we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. When we don’t know what career path to choose or what city to move to, we can get so caught up in the waiting game. There are definitely times in our Faith walk where we should be silent and trust in God’s perfect timing. But, there are also times where God is simply waiting on us to open a door.

The Waiting Game

Sure, it is necessary as a Christian to listen to what God is telling you. If God doesn’t want you to choose a job at corporate, He will let you know. If God has something bigger for you a couple hours away from your childhood home, it won’t be hard to figure out. See, it’s not always about opening the “wrong” door. It’s about trusting God with the doors we open for ourselves.

Sometimes I think we enjoy the waiting game a little too much. We grow complacent of where we need to be headed when we don’t simply pick a direction. When we become stagnant where we are at, we tend to give up our own responsibility. There have definitely been times where I was “waiting on God” to make my next move when He was waiting for me to open my next door all along.

Just Open The Dang Door

Will God close a door if you aren’t suppose to it? Eh, sometimes. I like to think there will be warning signs that we will instinctually know not to cross. But I do think God encourages us to pick different doors if there are greater opportunities to be had. There will be times where God will nudge us in the opposite direction if there is potential heartbreak waiting on the other side. But no matter what door we choose, God is still going to show up in whatever room we choose to be in.

That’s the amazing thing about who God is. No matter what college you attend or what city you move to, God is still going to guide you. He is still going to get you through the anxiety of new beginnings.

God is still God no matter what door you open.

*If you would like to hear more on this topic, Cody and I actually recorded an entire episode about this. You can find it here.

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