Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? As most of you know, we love celebrating Halloween around our house. We love putting out spooky decorations, DIYing our costumes, carving pumpkins and watching scary movies with friends. It’s honestly like pre-Christmas to us. Every year, we look forward to listening to Thriller Thursday and Lore every week in the month of October. We also love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas to get in the spirit of Halloween.

However, as Christians, we have been given a lot of flack for celebrating such a controversial holiday. We’ve been told that we’re opening the wrong doors. We’ve also been told that there is a darkness lurking behind the history. But what is so dang sinister about children dressing up in exchange for candy?

Halloween or Fall Festival?

Some people would say that to be a Christian and to celebrate such a holiday would be hypocritical. However, what is truly hypocritical is those who swear they would never celebrate this holiday and yet, some of the same people are putting together “fall festivals” and “trunk-or-treating” at their local Churches. If Halloween is such a bad holiday, why would we keep the same traditions but call it by a different name? Are we afraid of the day itself or the possible connotation the actual name may have? Dressing up at Church and going to random people’s cars to get candy is the exact same thing as dressing up and going to random people’s houses to get candy.

We can’t point fingers at those who celebrate Halloween and continue to the same traditions under a different name. Life just doesn’t work that way. But, we also can’t point fingers at those who choose not to celebrate Halloween. We actually just recorded an entire episode on the matter. If you ask us, “should Christians celebrate Halloween?” we might tell you there isn’t a right or wrong answer. In fact, we would tell you that it’s more of a personal conviction. There really is no black and white answer. If it feels wrong for you to celebrate, that’s completely okay. There are some people who have had bad experiences with Halloween and choose not to participate. But, if you don’t see a problem in celebrating Halloween, by all means, celebrate Halloween!

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