Dealing with Spiritual Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like an imposter? Have you made successful achievements in your life but feel as if someone is going to “find you out”? There’s actually a Psychological term for that!

Imposter Syndrome can be described as having a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”, despite the individual’s accomplishments.

Imposter Syndrome is something that I have often dealt with, especially while I was still in college. Thankfully, Cody doesn’t deal with these feelings, but man do I feel like an imposter sometimes. I fear that someone is going to expose my lack of knowledge and inability to accomplish certain things. But honestly, I think this is how Christians often feel about their walk with God. We believe that we are spiritual imposters when we don’t have it all together. Recently, Cody and I recorded an entire episode about dealing with Spiritual Imposter Syndrome as a Christian.

Do you feel on fire for God but sometimes you don’t even know who God is? I think this is normal for anyone who claims to be a Christian. Honestly, sometimes I doubt if God can even hear my prayers. I have friends and family who look up to me for how strong my faith is but I feel like a fraud because I’m over here idolizing someone else’s faith. There are days where I give all my worries to God only to take them back the next. I rely on Scripture to help me in my low seasons but sometimes I would rather read a self-help book because it seems more “tangible”. I tell people don’t worry because God’s got you, but then turn around and wonder if God even has me.

Sometimes I feel like a real spiritual imposter.

The beauty in being a Christian, however, is that you don’t have to have it all together. God loves the messy and the broken. He wants to meet us at those points, not the polished up versions of ourselves. In fact, I think God can use us at our messiest. God wants to use us when we doubt Him but choose to follow His guidance anyway. As long as we’re asking these types of questions, we’re not the worst Christians we think we are. When we’re honest with ourselves, we are able to hear God the clearest.

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