Take Off Your Mask and Leave it at The Front Door

Do you ever struggle with feeling like you have to put on a face to walk into a church? Maybe you feel like Christians are secretly judging you for who you truly are. If you have ever felt like you needed to a mask to cover your true identity, this one is for you.

This week, Cody and I talk about the many false identities of Christianity. You know, the mask that you feel like you have to wear before you step foot into Church.  Due to past judgment, there is a strong culture around Church that people are afraid to be themselves. In order to blend in, we have created these masks for ourselves that covers the darkest parts of us.

There is a stigma about the Church that you can only be so broken. I mean, it’s hard when there are posters that say “welcome home” in big fancy letters yet when people try to open up about their struggles, they don’t feel very welcome.

The problem is, most of us, if not all of us, have felt like an outcast at some point in Church.

 As you listen to this week’s episode, Cody and I actually discuss the masks that we have worn in Church. And I think that If we have microphones placed before us, our platform should only speak of honesty.

The Worship Mask

A couple of years ago, I really struggled with the mask of worship. I know that may seem like an oxymoron but I literally hid behind my worship.

Sometimes I don’t raise my hands or sing along with every lyric or even stand up through every song. If I’m being honest, sometimes I struggle with singing songs that talk about giving up everything and trusting God. I have this weird thing about singing promises to God that I’m not able to make.

But it was once brought to my attention that the way I worshipped was incorrect. I was told that if I’m not singing, I’m not truly professing my faith. I was told that Faith can’t be an inward focus. And if I was not raising my hands, I was truly not worshipping. Honestly, I had no idea what to even say.

If I had ever felt like I needed a mask to cover my brokenness, that was truly the first moment. Those words stung me and shook me to my core. You’re supposed to be able to come to Church to worship God and feel free. But I felt like I was the absolute worst Christian in the universe because my worship style didn’t match those around me.

And you know what? I did not feel free in those moments.

I got in the habit of trying to please people because I felt like I had to put on a worship face every Sunday morning.

And I feel like this is why people are afraid of showing up at Church. People are scared of being judged and outcasted because of their differences. We aren’t able to be broken people if we aren’t able to fully be broken at the once place that is supposed to allow us to heal.

I Hope You Are Able to Take Off Your Mask

The good news is that despite the judgement and glares, Jesus meets us where we are. Jesus truly welcomes the messy and broken parts. Why? Because instead of persecuting us for our shortcomings, God uses our shortcomings.

I’m sorry if you have ever felt like you needed to wear a fake face to Church. I’m sorry if you feel like you have to wear a mask to hide your identity.

Despite any hurt or persecution you may have faced, I hope you are able to take off your mask and leave it at the front door.

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