How to be Thankful in the Mundane

Whew, anyone else feel like this year is FLYING by? I mean, how is it already November? I feel like this year just started. That’s okay, though, because honestly, October 1st through January 1st is pretty much the best time of the year, right?

Last week, we talked about Halloween and all of the fun things we did. But before we start celebrating all of the Christmas festivities, we want to make sure we stay in a spirit of being thankful. All of the hustle and bustle for getting last minute gifts can seem pretty stressful and daunting. Often times, I think we forget what we’re truly grateful for. They say it takes about 30 days to create a habit. So why not start off the Christmas season by showing our gratitude for the things we often take advantage of? That’s why this year, we are challenging ourselves to find things we are thankful for every day this month. 

Practicing a spirit of being thankful actually goes way deeper than a simple prayer and a couple of words. If you listened to this week’s episode, Cody and I talk about how being thankful is best expressed moment by moment. When we show gratitude, even in the mundane things, we are also practicing humility. You know, being thankful around the Holidays isn’t really a hard thing to do. Being surrounded by friends and family brings us comfort and joy. But how can we show gratitude in the mundane seasons? What happens after the Holidays when we all go back to our normal lives?

I think it’s great to be thankful in November, but our thanksgiving so to speak, shouldn’t end there. There are times all throughout the year where we have lots to be thankful for, we just don’t actively acknowledge them. There are seasons of change and seasons of growth but sometimes it can be hard to see through the hard times. You know why we should be thankful for change? Change allows us to grow and acknowledge new beginnings. And you know what? Growth challenges us to be better. Growth allows us to mature and learn from our experiences.

Sure, we may not always like the season we’re in. Sometimes life can seem boring or uneventful. But when it comes down to it, there is always a reason to be thankful.


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