How You Can Walk Boldly in Unknown Seasons

The world runs on different seasons in order to survive. Spring represents new life and starting over. Summer represents playfulness and joy. Autumn represents transformation. Winter represents decay and dormancy. I think these beautifully represent the changes we often see in our own lives. These changes often challenge us to learn something new about life and the world around us. Sometimes we have dry seasons while at other times we have productive seasons. Our spiritual lives are no different.

The Importance of Seasons

Most people do not like the idea of change and growth. Spiritual seasons may include productivity and great accomplishments. But spiritual seasons may also include stillness and having to be patient for God’s timing. We often do not enjoy the pruning stages of cultivation. We do not like to have to till our grounds and be uprooted from our comfort zones. However, if we are stuck in our complacency, then we are unable to fully understand the impact of the specific season we are in. Did you know that God strengthening your spiritual growth in the season that you are currently in? God is literally preparing you right now for the seasons to come. There is a reason why you are going through what you are going through. Trials are for growth and redemption for the breakthrough to come. Spiritual growth is dependent on trusting God in the unknown seasons.

How You Can Walk Boldy into Unknown Seasons

If you have been keeping up with our podcast, we recently talked about how to trust God in the unknown. When we interviewed Molly Marko, host of The Laundry Chat podcast, we focused on how she is able to trust God in her big move to Texas. Sometimes God calls us to abruptly move across the country to continue doing His work. Molly told us that she is able to boldly move to Texas because God is faithful. Not only is God supplying the financial means for her, but God is also supplying the small desires of her heart, such as a popcorn bowl. She is able to trust God in the big things because she knows He also cares about the small things.

Through our conversation, I realized that we don’t always know where God is leading us, but He is still guiding us every step of the way. We don’t always know why we are in the situation we are in but there is a purpose in our season.



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