What Do We Mean When We Say Be Reckless?

The Reckless Pursuit: Pursuing Christ and not caring about the consequences.

Almost two years ago, Cody and I started The Reckless Pursuit. A lot has changed with the show and in our own lives since we started but one thing has remained consistent: we are brave, bold, and reckless. But what do we mean when we say “be reckless”?

We’ve actually had quite a few people ask us recently what this word means and in what context it is being used for. The definition above plainly describes our pursuit of chasing after Christ. We want to know what that looks like for us individually as well as collectively. Finding the true Christ and understanding what God meant when he said, “love thy neighbor”.

Jesus Was and Is Reckless

Sometimes this looks weird or odd. This may seem unconventional at times. But when it really comes down to it, it can seem pretty reckless. I mean, chasing after God without a care in the world of what other people think? Following God despite the negativity and flack for being honest and vulnerable with our questions? Going against the status quo and busting through boxes to find the truth? It seems pretty “brave, bold, and reckless” to me.

But the thing is, so was Jesus.

Think about it.

Jesus leaving the 99 to find the 1 seems pretty reckless until you are that sheep. It seems odd and weird to chase after something when the “majority” of the good is in front of you. But in order to fully pursue Christ, you must fully pursue His people. Our people.

Being reckless isn’t an excuse to be a terrible human. It’s not a cheeky way to condone ill-behavior against yourself or someone else in the name of God. And it’s definitely not the reason to tear people apart and throw away community just because you’re chasing after God. Why? Because if that’s what love is, it isn’t God.

Love is Reckless

No, truly living a reckless life in an attempt to pursue God is to do your very best at learning how to love. We need to love ourselves even when we feel like we no longer have the ability to look in the mirror. We need to love others even when we don’t want to because of pride or greed. Love is messy and chaotic and doesn’t make sense at times.

But love is always the answer.

And if that means we follow the source of all things good, lovely, pure, wholesome or whatever else fruits of the spirit you want to use to measure, we must do it in a way that doesn’t make sense to others. We must love those who are “unlovable” by society’s standards even if people judge you for it. We must pursue truth and honesty even if we don’t like the answer. And we must love the source of love even if we don’t understand it.

If we are going to be reckless, we must first rid ourselves of caring about other people’s opinions. In fact, other people’s opinions aren’t even our business, to begin with. But love? This should be the greatest pursuit of all. So what if it looks a little reckless?

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