Why People Need People

Hurt people use hurtful language to destroy others. Healed people will use healing messages to help build others up others. The truth of the matter is, people need people if we want to be able to make the world a better place.

Happy May everyone!

*cue Justin Timberlake memes that he just quite can’t live down since the dawn of the internet*

But seriously.

Wow. Honestly, we can’t believe we are already almost half-way through the year. And we are so excited for the months to come here at The Reckless Pursuit. With tons of projects around the corner, we first wanted to start off by saying thank you.

Our Gratitude for Whoever is Reading This

Thank you for constantly allowing us to show up in your speakers and continue the conversation about life, love, God, religion, Church, and whatever else you can fit into those categories. Truthfully, we are very thankful for each and every single one of you. We couldn’t do this without you guys listening every week, providing us feedback, and continuous opportunities for open community.

With that being said, we wanted to talk with you guys this week about the necessity of community. We need each other to survive the hard times and help guide us through the transitional times. People need people to be there to celebrate wins and encourage each other in between the losses and trials.

It simply comes down to this:

People Need People

Since May is mental health awareness month, I think this is a great segue into what we have been talking about this week.

We are starting this month off a little differently than what we planned but hey, that’s life.

For starters, I was out sick with what I thought was the flu but was actually just a 24hr bug that thankfully Cody never caught. While I was out of the recording studio, Cody actually introduced this topic. He spoke about how we need each other and the importance of forgiveness and boundaries. He also talked about how we are constantly needing people in our lives to love us without hesitation and to listen without judgement.

You can catch that episode here.

But what is so vital about this message of community is that even in our darkest times we need people to survive. Even when there are times in our lives where things become cloudy and convoluted, we need people we can trust and lean on.

It is no coincidence that the human’s greatest need is the desire to fit in and be loved by their community. This is an innate desire that we all share. An innate desire that God so intricately designed for us to be able to not only pray for one another but to just simply be present for others.

Why People Need People 

Maybe you need to hear this message today, wherever you are reading this but you are not alone. Seriously. You may have questions. You may have fears and serious doubts. But, you are not alone. And, you are important.

I think we need each other because honestly, without people, we wouldn’t survive as a human race. Now, that may sound like a pretty bold statement but honestly, if there weren’t people, we wouldn’t be here.

We need each other because isolation kills community. We need each other because without people, there would be no messages of hope. There would be nothing to look forward to. Our innate desire to be loved and desired by a community would never be fulfilled.

Without people, we wouldn’t be able to witness miracles and beauty and art. Nothing beautiful would ever be created. There would be too much trying to stay alive and too little being able to thrive.

I think we need each other because without people, without communities or Churches or institutions or organizations or workplaces or entertainment at sold out arenas, there would be nothing to live for.

Sure, people can be messy. Loving someone where they are at can be hard and messy but it is oh so worth it. People are beautiful and full of life and when you take away strong relationships, you take away the very thing that God created.

People need people because we were called to love one another.

If you needed to hear this message of hope whether you’re reading this on your break from work or because you are subscribed to our email or you randomly found it on the Internet, I need you to hear this:

You are loved.
And you are prayed for.
You are worthy.
And you are needed.

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