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Modern Christians Asking Questions & Chasing Truth

Your weekly podcast crafted and created to dive deep into what it looks like to be a follower of Christ in a modern-day world. We span topics across the board to seek out Truth, and to gain a deeper understanding of one another to find common ground and answers to life’s hardest questions.

We all have story and struggle; a calling and a conviction: together, let’s take a hard look at ourselves in an effort to view what others see, so we can be the best reflection of Christ possible.

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Hey, I am Elaine Johnston. I currently live in Arkansas alongside my husband and husky, though I am always looking for a reason to get out and go travel. I have a fervent passion for women's ministry and really good coffee. Through my blog, I have created a space for women to be free in who God created them to be as well as show them how to pursue a purpose driven life. My husband and I run a concessionaire stand to meet every corn dog lover and coffee drinker’s needs as well as a Christian apparel brand. Recently, my husband and I decided to share our hearts with the world. Wherever I go, you can almost always catch me with a coffee in hand. I also recently finished up my major in psychology and my minor in small business.

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