105 – Does God Answer Our Prayers? (With Kyle Butler)

Does God answer our prayers? What is the difference in mindset and petitioning prayer?

This week we are wrapping up our series on prayer with the second half of our conversation with Kyle Butler. This episode is one of our most loaded episodes to date! Just take a look at that topic list below and you’ll see just how many great thoughts are worked into just ¾ of an hour. 

We dove deep into prayer. Kyle shares an intense yet heartfelt story of unanswered prayer and we take a long, hard look at how mindset and prayer work together. We discuss why prayer in its stereotypical sense is lacking in any real power. Then, we begin to uncover how Jesus never actually prayed for healing for any of those he healed. 

This episode might make you a bit uncomfortable. We hit the ground running at full speed and it never slows down but if you stick it out, we truly believe this can revolutionize our prayer life, our faith, and our understanding of healings/abundance if we put it into practice.

So let’s get started in trying to answer this age-old question, does God answer our prayers?

This week we talk about:

  • Religious prayers
  • What power does God have through prayer?
  • Does God need our prayer?
  • Does God need permission?
  • How much belief does it take to have a prayer answered?
  • The product of our thought life
  • Merging thoughts and feelings
  • Vilianizing our thoughts
  • What does God’s voice sound like?
  • Praying “like Jesus”
  • Disconnecting from a religious mindset
  • The connection of thought and prayer
  • The power of prayer is breaking mindsets
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Kyle Butler 0:00
I stopped praying A long time ago, because it doesn’t work. And I’m not going to just offer up through the words and just sit now and wait for something to happen. But what I’ve discovered I heard Gregg Braden status once and it just, like really sparked me where I was going. He talked about, he loves to study and interact with indigenous people, because he feels like people that are that come from these indigenous communities. They’re not influenced like we are, you know, they’re, they’re under the TV or the news or this and that with all these things, the church like we’ve become, and they’ve got some ancient wisdom that just been passed down to them through the ages. And so, there was a situation where he lived and there was no rain drop in this area for some time. So he called him one of his, his, his, you know, his, his friends who come from an indigenous community. I said, You know, I don’t know what to do. People are saying There’s no rain. Now, obviously, people have been praying for rain, clearly, you know, believing God for rain, but nothing. So this man said to him, how come and you know what, we’ll do this together? So he came over, you know, came to what Greg is, and he went outside and kind of made this circle. And he stood in the middle of the circle, took his shoes off, and he just stood there. And kind of like, you know, in a place of like, he’s, he’s experiencing something. So after this was all over, Greg said, You mind me asking, what did you do? And he said, I just got into place, and I just begin to imagine the rain falling down on me. And I connected with that feeling. And he said, because if I say, sin, rain, because we have no way, the universe is not going to know how to interpret that. Because the universe doesn’t know lack. The universe says there’s rain all around. What are you talking about? There’s no rain. I don’t know how to connect with what you’re saying. But he said I envisioned it raining and abundance. A couple days later, it started raining, and it rained and rained and rained and rained. And Greg cold this guy up, because now we’re starting to get a little out of control with the rain. He says it will start raining. And the guy laughs and says, Well, I don’t know how to turn it off. I only know how to get stuff answered.

Cody Johnston 2:31
So something that I had I love how like all these conversations or conversations I’ve literally had this week. Yes, I was we were driving into town last night. We were going to visit my grandmother who’s in the hospital right now. And I was literally thinking she’s okay just like backstory. If you follow the line in us, you know any amount of time like like Elaine was in the hospital with kidney infections twice. And like right when we first got married and then she was in the hospital again

Elaine Johnston 2:57
summers ago.

Cody Johnston 2:58
Yeah. With life. She had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic that she had

Elaine Johnston 3:03
medically induced meningitis. Yeah, that’s true. I thought I was dying like literally

Cody Johnston 3:08
for like six days and like it was just there was like a mess. So like we’re all too sadly too familiar with like kidney infection all that and like you kind of like spurred this memory like, Oh, my grandmother has a kidney infection like she’s in the hospital, the same hospital that Elaine was at the first time and, and like, of course, mentally we’re like, through that season like right like we went through that we had to endure that or whatever. And like obviously lanes here we’re we’re like, we’re healthy. We’re well, and like we’re sitting there talking about in like so every night, I have this prayer. And this is something that God has been doing with me which I want to get to that whole aspect in a second of like the difference of like hearing from God versus prayer like what all this looks like in this that dichotomy there. But I have this like prayer that I say, and it’s this like little it’s all it’s it’s religious. It’s an extremely religious prayer that I have adopted, because I adopted it in a season whenever I was begging God to heal my wife. And so I adopted this. I rebuke sickness, I rebuke kidney infections, I rebuke, you know, bacterial infections like it’s very strategically rebuking all the things. And I do this every night religiously. If I don’t do it, I feel in my spirit that something’s going to attack her because I didn’t say my little hex prayer over her to protect her. And I’m just being straight honest about that. And I was telling her this last night and I was like, Elaine, I feel like I have to do this. And if it brings me joy and comfort, I don’t see an issue with that. But at this point, I’m giving like I’m rebuking something that’s not even there. And if you’re rebuking something that’s not even there, aren’t you really just inviting it? That’s like me hiring some like me walking into our business that we run here. We edit podcasts for living, right. And so it’s like me walking into my office that we’re sitting in right now which is in our house. Going, you know Karen, I rebuke you in the name of the Lord, you’re fired for embezzling in my company. There’s no Karen that works for us. I have no idea who this Karen is. If I caught up some random Karen out of the phone book she’d be like Who on earth are you never call me again you creep and hang up on me. In reality, all I’m doing is giving light to something that’s not there and I could be speaking so much more positive. I could be speaking of the health, the life the wellness, the the abundance, the joy and all that that we have right now and I don’t have issues with rebuking something that’s there. Right if someone busted up in my home I’d be like, Get out of my house. But that’s like me sitting there every night saying like, if anyone’s like anywhere in this world is planning on busting up in my house I rebuke you is I gonna hear that? No. Like, I’m literally inviting some, like, we get these prayers where we start attacking things and I felt I told you I’m guilty of this, because I have made something religious and I’m so against it, but I’ve done it. Because I feel like if I don’t it’s like this thing that I have to do. And I’ve just turned it into an idol. And just to use like churchy terms there right? Like, or in other ways like I become obsessed with it. And so what I love what you’re saying is like you’re just standing yours like I just accept the rain the positive, but I don’t know how to turn it off right? Like you know abundance so well you know that the blessing so well that there is no off switch I just I don’t know what being your background in ministry and then coming into this mindset What can you kind of say to that idea?

Kyle Butler 6:32
What’s a story? I met a young lady at a church that I was visiting and I was connected to the family. And so, you know, I was in the church service with them once. And, you know, she announced that she had cancer. So of course, the church going to rally around her in prayer. And then I was visiting again and this service she had said, God help me. So I thought, Wow, what a coincidence. I was in the service when she announced it and then I’m in service where she has announced a she’s been here. True story. I’m back for a third time and she’s testifying that the cancer has come back. Well a lot on the on this visit. They say to me, hey, Pastor Paul, you want to go with us over to her house, we’re going to pray with her and so far now was back in 2009 2010. One still totally connected to the word of faith and still believing that hey, God’s Word has power, you speak it over your life. Nothing can can stop its power from happening. You get it inside of you, you speak it, that cancer can’t survive in this environment of God’s Word. And I’m, I’m, you know, English in the hood, we have this term, I’m dead ass. You know, I’m just, this is just, this is going to work. I’m telling you, I’m looking in your eyes with love and compassion because I sincerely strongly believe it was a few years went by and and I happened to be now here because I was here for a little bit longer period of time, the word came that she had died from the cancer. And I was pretty messed up by that. And I started thinking, how much does it take for one person to believe someone is suffering and pain, hurting? How much belief does it take to say, I don’t want to hurt anymore? How much belief does it take to say, Okay, if you say, I’m healed, I’m coming back, because I don’t want to hurt anymore. And that’s really what set me questioning the pattern that we had, that we had established, said that this is what you’ve got to do. You know, and in my mind, I tried to rationalize it like I had before. Maybe she just didn’t believe enough. Maybe she said she believed on the outside, but inside there was a whole lot of town. And then again, I heard how much does it take for someone to believe they don’t want to hurt anymore? I would think that’s a real easy belief. I don’t want hurt anymore. I’m sorry, here. I’ve been I’ve been poor financially. I didn’t do that. No more, no more. I know about Right away, I had to believe much for that I want to do it is real easy. I mean, Ben, you don’t want anymore, you know. So that really sent me down that path of thinking. And I discovered for me, Look, I need to get away from the traditional way. I’ve been taught that you know what you’re saying, Cody, I need to get away from that. Because to me, it doesn’t work. I need to get away from this. If I just quote this, it’ll work. I need to get away from that. And I need to get to a place where I find real answers, real answers. I want real solutions because I need them for me. And I want to be able to share with other people, hey, this is better. And this journey started with me in this regard. Well, it furthered me when I ran across Dr. Joe dispenza. And here’s this man who has no churchy background, wasn’t talking about Jesus wasn’t talking about God and got into a horrible horrible bicycle accident. In an accident so bad, where they said you need this very, very intensive surgery. That’s only a few people can do it successfully. And you know, your life expectancy after this surgery is going to be pretty poor. Now he was a chiropractor at the time. So he knew it. He knew the situation he was in. But he said he was he was laying down one day and he just thought, what created this body? Where did I come from? There has to be a powerful energy in the source that made this body can repair this body. And he began to make the connection between his mind and his physical body. And from his story. In eight months, no surgery, he was completely healed. He said, I did nothing but think of myself as being healed. I didn’t me and it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy, right? I made the combination. I won’t be pointing modeling struggle financially. I still struggle. Thoughts of lack. And I’m programming myself to get out of black thinking totally. Think nothing but abundance of think nothing but increasing think nothing but, you know, plenty all around me. And I realized something. The last that I experienced in my life was not because I was under attack of the devil. And it wasn’t because I didn’t believe God enough for it was a simple product of what I had fault. Because I grew up in an environment of lack. And subconsciously, I’m programmed with lack thoughts lack imagination, and my life produced exactly what I was thinking. But when I became consciously aware of what I was thinking, I set a path to try to change it to change the subconscious programming. Now, to me, I think it’s more like God to say, I’m going to put in every human being the ability to create a life out of what they think, because not everyone’s going to go to church. So I can’t centered around that. Not everyone’s going to be a Christian. So I can’t send to the wrong bag. Not everyone’s going to read the Bible. I can’t make that requirement that anyone’s going to love me. I can’t make that requirement either. put something in every single human being, to level the playing field so that all of humanity can enjoy the fullness of life by doing one simple thing. And for me, if prayers, anything, prayer is coming into a place, when you have your thoughts, and your feelings coming together on one common thought, in the same temple, And to me, that’s what Jesus was saying when he said, If you say to this mountain be removed, what’s taken out of the modern day Bibles is some some phrases and words that were in earlier translations, and it says literally what I just said when you take thought and feeling and merge them together in Temple, then you will have what you say. And it shall be. So you know, that’s where I am. I think this way is far more productive. And I know sometimes again, like I said earlier, Cody, we’re looking for an answer or enemy. I’m not saying, you know, and this is really tricky, so please don’t get me wrong, you that are out there listening and maybe going through some really tough stuff right now, this is really tricky. And I don’t want you to think that I’m saying it’s your fault that you did this to yourself. So get out of it yourself. I’m not I’m not saying it to you that way directly to offend you, if you know if you think that, but what I am saying is nothing was causing my lack, outside of what I was thinking subconsciously. The problem is I wasn’t I wasn’t aware of the subconscious program of lack. So that reinforces for me that, as Jesus said, Don’t you remember? You are God You have the ability to make your life that’s kind of where I am. And I don’t know if that got really to the answer there. But I just wanted to add that because it’s changed. It’s changed me drastically in that regard.

Cody Johnston 14:14
I love all of that. And it’s something that I have been, I guess like, I want to preface this is like if prayer like the the way of praying of like the traditional church way of like our Father, you know, who art in heaven, like pray like this type of mentality if that’s something you need. I feel like that is a gateway into this understanding. Yes, I feel like it is that to go back to what Elaine was, you know, referencing in our last episode of like that, is that that spiritual milk in essence is like, here’s the law and then you learn the freedom of it after that, like you have that foundation and I feel like there is that but we’ve taken it to this like war mentality. And I think that um, you know, you can call it law of attraction. You can call it, you know, faith of a mustard seed. You can call it Any of these things, but it’s all the same basic principles God put into the foundation of the earth.

Elaine Johnston 15:05
I was gonna say for me, it’s a process, you have the mindset, you have your thoughts, and then you have meditation, you have the action, and dwelling on what you are wanting to create. And then you have the manifestation you’re speaking life into whatever it is. And I just feel like it’s a process. You can’t just automatically say, Okay, well, here’s this, I believe it. So it should be done. Like there’s time and effort and, and passion that has to go into a thought life like you have to take it day by day. And I feel like eventually you’ll get to that point of just standing there. And then it just starts raining for whatever that looks like for you specifically, but it’s a process and I feel like a lot of people are scared of that process. Well, and

Cody Johnston 15:48
I want to really add to this too. I’m thinking about like, Oh, well, the renewing of your mind and all that. I think of like the thing we speak about in church like oh, when you just get to heaven, there’ll be no more crying, no more tears. There’s no more bad thoughts. Everything’s just happy hunky dory all the time. Like everyone’s on Xanax. And, like, I just, I think about that. And I’m like, but what does that look like? If Jesus said heaven on earth? Well, what does that look like? Well, that must mean the renewing of your mind has to look something like a removal of these negative things that hold us back. Right? Like and, and I had the same thought. I mean, I’m working through that, Lord, if there’s anyone on earth saying they’re not working through that, at some point, they’re probably lying, or they’re just what they know something more than I know, let me tell you that but like, you know, there’s like, I’m the same way like with business and stuff like that. I realized how much I was getting in my own way all the time. And like Jesus said, you had the faith of a mustard seed. Well, what does that faith even mean? Right? What is what is faith? What is in that can that’s a whole other can of worms we never get into right now. But like, you start looking at like, you start removing these these little barriers and it’s amazing. What the mind can do it’s amazing what it means what Christian means little Christ it means we are God reincarnated, right we’re, we’re literally like Jesus, you will do these things and greater and I think that that’s so much of it is like, Okay, I’m getting out of my own way I’ve got two ladies like we call it laying it down on the altar right? Well, maybe laying it down on the altar is more or less like, Hey, you know what? I’m not going to let Satan control me and I think we took this idea that we once had, right? And then our superstitions which is like what happens we we make things religious and law we go from law to grace and we’re going back to law. And so we kind of take these things we’re like, you know what, oh, well, this Satan, that’s a good villain. When it all in all at all. All that is is limiting belief. It’s that limiting mindset. And I love all that. I love what you’re saying and it challenges me because the verbiage is different to say like, you don’t have have to have this open dialogue that’s challenging, because it makes the the Christian boy and you go like, you know, this makes you clench your cheeks a little bit, you know?

Unknown Speaker 18:09
Older, older, older, older

Unknown Speaker 18:14
don’t want the spiritual.

Cody Johnston 18:17
Oh, man. But I just I want to talk a little bit because you had mentioned specifically you mentioned hearing from God in your sleep. And I feel like that’s we kind of bundle all these things together. How is that different from prayer? What is the difference in hearing from God? What is God’s like, there’s this whole other can of worms. I’ll just kind of let you Ravage. I think you know what direction I’m going with that. So I’m just gonna let you roll with it.

Kyle Butler 18:39
I tell people when people ask me a question, you always say God told you got to do that told you. Now I don’t I don’t want to sound spooky. Okay, and let’s say God told me what shirt to wear today or, you know what time to leave the house or when to use the restroom. You know, that stuff? turns me off, I guess. But I’ve lived the life of a young child. This would hear what I now understand to be God speaking inside of me. So to me it’s very familiar you know, and and I used to I used to when I got again when I got saved and got religious that voice kind of stopped because the programming was the training was you go you lay before God and you wait you don’t say anything you wait for God to talk so you do that you down there and five minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes you fall asleep you wake up and say god I’m so sorry I fell asleep Did you say anything please I’m so sorry. You know let me try to go a little longer to you heard something and that really just pissed me off be honest with you. Because again, somebody like me I’m like God, but but you’re gonna see for don’t just wait what you’re waiting for. That was me. So that that kind of turned that off a little bit. And then when I woke up out of that fall, then again I was able to free me here. Now. I believe God is always talking because God is inside of us. And a lot of people questioning will lead God was that me was that the devil? your common sense is probably your God talking to you. Your voice of reason is probably your God talking to you. What’s challenging your belief system is probably your version of God talking to you. Anything that is bringing you peace, or trying to even if it seems scary at first trying to take you somewhere. That’s probably your voice of God. So we do hear God’s voice all the time. We just may not label it that way. I think to me, God’s voice sounds a whole lot like mine. You know, I don’t hear it. Oh, I want to talk to you. Okay. I’m okay. I love to do some I had no business but I’m okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
Let me clean up.

Kyle Butler 20:58
That kind of voice is just You know, you just hear it. You know, I want to say that every post I write, for the most part is an inspired word that I hear a question hit my mind. And it’s really how I used to preach a lot, I would get a thought. And from that thought, I would just run with it. So it always sounded like me. But it was, you know, it was it was distinctive enough to know that it was God. But it just sounded like me. It was in my reason it was in my logic, it was in my understanding. So I think everyone is hearing from God all the time, because God is in us speaking from within us. We just have so afraid sometimes to say it is because I think the image has been cast in our minds. But voice came down from heaven saying, This is my beloved son whom I’m well pleased. And that’s not how this works. You know, it’s internal. It’s you, there is no other you but spirit. So let’s, we really probably should should address that one day. of the body, you know, there’s not the Holy Spirit, you, Jesus and maybe some devil all living in the same same was that you Lord? Was that the Holy Spirit?

Unknown Speaker 22:15
No man.

Cody Johnston 22:16
Maybe it was Gabriel.

Elaine Johnston 22:22
And I think that’s where like the verse, pray without ceasing. I feel like that’s what that means. It’s like you’re talking to God, you’re talking to other people that that’s continuous. There’s always conversation. There’s always people speaking into other people’s lives. And I feel like that’s where we can take that verse. If it’s continuous, like prayer doesn’t stop just because nobody’s talking, or Nope, you can’t hear anything. That doesn’t mean the conversation stops. Well, and

Cody Johnston 22:49
to add to that, I think that, you know, this is something something else the whole reason we’re gonna start talking about prayer is like, why does God need my permission? Like if he’s the almighty if he’s just been creat You know, this Almighty Creator like, going to healing and talking about that because I get that to have like, my mother was an alcoholic till the day she drink yourself to death. I had prayed for her and prayed for her. You know, I remember her telling me she thought she was possessed with demons and me casting them out in the, you know, while she’s laying in the bathroom floor, like, as a kid, like, of course, I grew up in church, like, you know, I was a pastor, I was all that. And I’m like, Well, why can I not repeat this thing? Like, Why can I not get this thing out of her? What? Because God isn’t waiting on my permission to do that she has that control, and we can call it free will or maybe because she’s got over her life is you know, a little bit of an instance they’re like God gave her that ability to govern herself the same way like whenever I feel like oh, I need to pray for somewhere I need to do something for someone. Is God asking for me to ask God to ask him to do something? No, it’s it’s just simply if God said Like, Hey, I gave you this, use it, you have that you are Christ, you are a little Christ. Go and take this go and do. And you have that ability innately it’s put into it and like what you were saying with the voice. It may sound a lot like, you know, Kyle or it may sound a lot like Cody or may sound a lot like Elaine. But that’s because that’s the voice God programmed in us. And in the essence of it. How do you tell the difference? Well, I think a lot of it is is it bearing good fruit in your life, you know, that’s what the fruit of the Spirit is, if it’s bearing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, that’s God. But I feel like we’re so scared of missing the mark or sending literal, you know, literal definition. We’re so scared of missing the mark, that we’re scared to act on anything. And in reality, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference is if it’s bearing positive things if it is bearing uplifting things and that is God in essence, because all like talking about sin here using air quotes here Again, like the idea of missing the mark, all I can do is manipulate truth. Yeah, that everything boils back to church. And I think whenever we take take away all of these Am I missing it? Am I doing this wrong? And in Christianity and I think I’m pretty certain you’ll agree with this. We all we do is focused on negative Yeah, we are so focused on the negative that we can’t see the pod we’re so focused like, you know, the whole keep the candle burning business. We’re so focused on trying to shut off the darkness that we don’t even take time to look at light. Yeah, we don’t even take time to look at like there is no such thing as darkness in the first place. There’s only measures of light

Elaine Johnston 25:38
when even focusing like on the enemy or like on the devil on Satan, we’re still giving him or that, that that mindset power. We’re not focusing on the goodness of God. We’re not focusing on the goodness of ourselves. We’re still like, okay, you can’t talk about this because this will happen. Well, you’re giving life to that.

Kyle Butler 25:55
Yeah. Back to the prayer thing. You know, in thinking it’s good when Jesus ever pray up to God for something? When did Jesus ever pray for someone to be healed in the traditional way we do. Father in the name of Jesus, you said in your word, somewhere in Psalms that you sent your word and you heal this now in the name of the father do it now God do it now is commanded to be done. When did he ever pray and the way we pray? Now, when you say that to people, I hope to spark the thought, Wait a minute. You never did. Never did ever did pray that way. never prayed the way we pray the way we’ve been taught to pray. But we’re totally convinced that this is what we got to keep doing. We see horrible results as far as the statistics go. And like you said, Cody, just got really need to be asked to do something good. You know, Cody, if you’ve got a dx by links and love her every day, dude, again, you gotta get divorce. This is I mean, I’m not

Cody Johnston 27:03
doing me Love you. Love me to love you What?

Kyle Butler 27:07
You don’t do it naturally,

Elaine Johnston 27:10
when I don’t think love needs permission,

Kyle Butler 27:12
I think you just love Exactly. So if love needs no permission, and if love has already placed everything humanity needs in abundance by the universe for us to flow and enjoy this journey, then love has done its job. It’s where we hold the error how to connect to what’s here, ie the religious interpretations I either doctrine or theology. This person says do it this way This person says do it this way This person says believe like this this person believe like that. And we’ve got all these scattered opinions. But love has done its job. Love has done his job in abundance. Love says in the in the in the heart and understanding of love. There’s no lack. There’s no sickness. There’s no distress, there’s no pain. There’s nothing in this, in this in this mecca of love, and it’s here, it’s been here, it will always be here. And what we need to do is learn how to connect to it. And a lot of times for people like us that grew up under a religious mindset, we have to disconnect from that religious mindset to tap into that which is already present. If I need God, to be asked to do something for me, then I lose faith in that God, I lose faith in that love. I lose faith in that power. Why do I have to ask? Why do I have to consider why do I have to petition? Again, we never saw Jesus asking. We just saw him connecting people to the truth within that was inside of them. You’re not blind. You can see, I can see, no one’s ever told me that before. Yeah, you can see how about you just open your eyes. You know? Matter of fact, let me do a little something here. Yeah, now Okay, since you needed something to kind of countless stories, you’re not dead. You’re already sleeping. You’re not a dirty wretched, nasty prostitute rejected totally depraved human being your beloved daughter, my beloved sister. Oh, you’re precious, precious. You know. Now go and don’t believe you’re totally depraved. You’re totally rejected and no good. Don’t believe that anymore. Okay. So, let me What will we have done right? We come up to the young lady give the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus,

Unknown Speaker 29:43

Kyle Butler 29:45
And then how do you feel? Oh and then moment you probably feel great in that moment, but this prayer has told you nothing about your true this this print it and look you in your eye and point your To your truth within you, it sounded good. And it probably felt good emotionally. But it didn’t speak to your truth. And we take we should be taking anything from the example Jesus left us or showed us is, how did he do it? And if we can be honest about that, I think we’ll start seeing the results did or as you said, Cody, the greater than the show you do.

Cody Johnston 30:23
Yeah. And I love what you just said there specifically, because I’m thinking of like, what would the church’s response to that be right? I was like, Oh, well, if you don’t pray healing over this, I don’t get delivered from it. They’re just going to fall back into their old ways. Or if you don’t make an active change, like you can’t believe you’re great and then keep doing your sin like that’s the kind of their traditional reaction. But if you truly believe that you’re no longer a filthy rag prostitute, you’re not going to do what that mentality that mindset does. You’re broken from that mindset. If I no longer believe I’m a wretched, disgusting sinner. I’m not going to go around sinning anymore. If I no longer believe I’m a perpetual liar or a porn addict or, you know, like, you know, whatever these things are that mental if you don’t believe that about yourself anymore, why would you go back to it? You know, I don’t believe that I am a dog. So I don’t behave like a dog. That’s a stupid analogy but you don’t say like I get your own you’re going to act your mentality and so I think that we’re scared of saying that because like, Oh, well you know, there’s got to be action because we’re that’s where an action based society once again going back to that we’ve got to have some kind of fulcrum there like this Eastern mindset of like think therefore you are it’s just scary is like our get out to us. But in all honesty, that was Jesus, the woman didn’t even have to talk the woman with her the issue of blood, the woman who had really bad period problems comes up and she’s like bleeding profusely. She’s filthy in the eyes of that society. She’s an outcast. She’s not supposed to be leaving her home, right. She’s supposed to be in a corner in her house because she’s not allowed to leave because she’s deemed unworthy. She don’t even have to talk to Jesus. I like her faith made her well, her mindset changed her. She didn’t even need that. It’s just that action of like, I touch this, I don’t if I can touch that robe, I’ll no longer be this. And she touched that. And sometimes maybe we do need that. Now, I’m not saying there’s not people out there that don’t need that, like, I really need this prayer because it helps him break that mindset. But if we’re just praying to rebuke something, and not actually breaking mindsets, that’s all what it’s about the big fancy showmanship prayers and have if you boil it back down to what it used to be, it’s all about breaking mindset. It’s all about your faith, setting you free Bingo. I love it. Kyle. Oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. I love it. Kyle, if you had a question you could ask someone that would help spur on the idea that they can think for themselves? What question would you ask them to get them thinking?

Kyle Butler 32:48
I probably would ask them what troubles them about God? That probably be the question I would ask them what what troubles you about God and you know, and and then of course be willing to listen. Not with errors of judgment but when ears of objectivity, and I would encourage that person to say, Okay, well x within yourself, why do you Why do you think that way? And I think if if, you know, when I was out preaching on Sunday basis and traveling and ministering at churches when I started breaking free from some of the religious dogma, I would say that a church because in especially in again, I hate labels, but, you know, because we, you know, for illustration purposes, sometimes it’s hard to use words without making it seem like you’re labeling something. Sure, but in the black church, particularly. Well, we we love our emotionalism, right, we love our God is good all the time. Praise God. Hallelujah. You know, and it’s, it’s it’s not challengeable to what they’re actually saying. But the same people who says God is good all the time. They’re believing God for better life, and their life is in chaos. They believe in God for better relationship and their religion. purpose and care. They believe in God for better finances, their finances in chaos. And they believe God for these things, and they believe that they keep doing certain things, God will one day provide them what they’re believing God for, because God is good all the time. So I used to say this to them. Let me ask you a question. Now pretend for a moment, God is not gonna hear your answer. Okay? I just want you to be honest to your core. Do you really believe God is good all the time? Now, again, this is this is this is based on the premise that they believe that God will help them change them, fix them, bless them, yada yada yada. You really believe God is good all the time. And overwhelmingly, people would say, No, because I know I did. You know, I was told if you believe God for financial breakthrough, you’ll get it. Okay. Well got my lights are cut off. We’re little kids were in the house. We are no lights, we’ve got no food. We’ve been praying we’ve been believing. So this is one of those times where you’re, you’re not so good all the time. So you know, because again, they they pattern Everything back to God. So this is happening. God is causing it. If it’s not happening, God is not letting it happen yet. So I would ask that question overwhelming. Most people say, I’m honest, that’s a no. Well, now let’s look at it. Let’s look at what it is. That is, it’s causing you to think if you do certain things, and God is going to do certain things for return. So I would use that as a kind of break the ground. I would say, I’m not talking against prayer. I’m not talking against worship, I’m not talking against the things we do. But the problem is we’ve done these things, believing that if we do it a good God is going to rain down upon us good things. So I would just ask them that, what troubles you about God? Because I’m really asking what’s troubling you about the god You understand? Or the God that you think is what’s troubling you about that? And, and I think that that’ll lead them to a place of beginning to ask more questions inside we can show them It’s okay. accent question.

Cody Johnston 36:01
Kyle, thank you so much for this conversation for all it’s been super good going now but I’m loving it man. Kyle where can people come in like find you? I know you do Facebook Lives and stuff like that you got a lot going on with all that. So I’d love for people to able to get connected because everything you put out is just like I love everything you say

Kyle Butler 36:20
so I’m not on Tick Tock so I didn’t know that. I’ve heard it. But I’m curious. You guys have made me curious. I’m gonna go find some things about it lately, but I’m not a tick tock. I am on Instagram, but I have very small presence on Twitter, very small praise. I’m mostly on Facebook. So you can find me there. Kyle Butler. I think the tagline or the name is Kyle. lb 23. I think if you type that in, I think that’s how you get to me not just look for this probably will see anyone as dark as me with the main cause Butler. So just look for my face. You’ll find a link in the show notes

Cody Johnston 36:53
so they can just scroll down and click the button. It’ll make it easy. And

Kyle Butler 36:58
now for those of you that will do this Don’t get, don’t get thrown off by my current trend of post. Because right now I’m in this whole, let’s challenge what we really think we understand. Let’s challenge what we really think we believe, kind of thing. Just keep scrolling, you’ll see some of the good really stuff. You know, my approach is simple. It’s love. And I don’t think I’m right. I don’t think you’re wrong. I don’t think I know anything more than you. And I don’t think what I understand is better than your understanding. So I’m just a presenter. I’m just presenting an idea, a thought, the view and opinion and you can do what it what you will, if it resonates with you, cool. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s cool, too. It totally is. And I will dialogue with you with the utmost respect always. And if you decide to call me names, I’ll still dialogue with you with the utmost respect, probably a short dialogue but yeah, because People just need love. And they we all want love. And people want to be able to express themselves. And I don’t mind your expression. So I love to connect with you guys. I love to connect with new people, I try to keep space open for new friends that want to come in and connect. I know that there’s a rising number of number of people who are breaking away from tradition, and fundamental Christianity and a lot of the modern day teachings that we’ve come to understand this just doesn’t cut it. And there’s some people out here quoting a lane, or two of them as well that are just putting stuff out just to hopefully spark a fall. We’re not telling you what to think. We’re just encouraging you to think so. Come join us.

Cody Johnston 38:46
Absolutely. And thinking is good. Yeah, I’ll thank you so much for this conversation. Thank you.

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