127 – Junk Food Jesus: Overcoming the Addiction of Over-Saturated Faith

What do Walmart, the Holy Spirit, Clones, Protesters, and a shopping cart with a go-pro all have in common?

It’s easy to get cynical against things we have commonly talked about in church. It is also easy for us to get caught up obsessing over something so much that it loses its flavor. Both of these tend to be the extremes we lean towards when dealing with hearing the voice or listening to the spirit of God. 

So many times we used to walk away from church feeling like we either A: had a great service because the music was right, the songs were on key, and the emotional tension was as thick as morning fog after a rainy night, or B: Felt like God was so far away because we weren’t really into it today. This is because we oversaturate our God-time with experiences. Just like how we overconsume sugar, we become numb to the spiritual moments around us because we can no longer taste the subtleties of God in the more mundane moments. 

This week we set out to talk about changing life experiences and spiritual growth but soon found ourselves deep in the conversation of listening to God and the validity of discernment. We talk about spiritual warfare, spiritual atmosphere, and picking up on the subtle cues God has given us the ability to detect. This is a wacky and wild episode that we are convinced will help you understand you’re connecting to Christ in a new way no matter what side of the church wold you currently sit on.

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn
30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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