132 – Subtle Love: Using Words to Show Christ (Instead of Boosting Our Egos)

Matthew 12:35 – A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him…

Christianity has gotten a bit… hostile lately. But for what? What good does it do us to rebuke someone with differing beliefs, especially when those beliefs are secondary to the gospel? Does it matter if we don’t believe in a literal lake of fire or thing old earth theory is more accurate? All of these things are secondary to loving God and loving others. 

This week we are continuing our talks about finding God in the stillness, but this time we are talking less about how to find God and more of how to show Him and His Subtle love. Most of the time our conversations online (or elsewise) are geared towards exalting our own superiority complex and clout chasing instead of loving one another and exuberating Christ.

So here’s to hoping that this episode puts a bit of conviction on each one of us to examine our words closely before we spew them out. To analyze what is and is not Christ. To show subtle love and emit the love of Christ above the desire to fill our egos. But also remember, conviction and condemnation are not the same.

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Spirituality Untamed

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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