144 – The Unpardonable Sin: What Is It and Can We Commit It?

All sin can be forgiven except for one, or so we have been told. But what even is this so-called Unpardonable Sin?

If you have spent any time in a traditional church you have probably heard a bit about the unpardonable or unforgivable sin. You know, that verse in Matthew where Jesus basically says that blasphemy gets you a one-way ticket to hellfire and you’re basically screwed… 

But does it actually say that or are we just making stuff up? What does that verse actually mean? What’s the context behind Jesus’ message? How are we to know if we’ve already goofed up and are destined to be the next slow cooker meal in the underworld? 

This week we are talking about the unpardonable sin. We discuss current views held within the Christian faith, a bit of the background that brought this little encounter into the bible, to begin with, and our personal take on what this traumatizing fear verse means. Spoiler alert: We don’t think it’s fear-based at all. Quite the opposite actually!

This episode gets deep and messy so strap in for a bumpy yet rewarding race to the depths of Christian theology. Oh, and get ready to unlearn a few things along the way. 

This week we talked about: 

  • The Unpardonable Sin
  • Contextual clues to help in understanding
  • Who (or what) the Holy Spirit actually is
  • Where the Holy Spirit dwells
  • The trinity
  • What constitutes salvation

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