145 – Burning Bridges (Why We Are Terrified of Taking a Few Steps Back)

Burning bridges is seldom the best idea when it comes to maintaining relationships and progressing your life forward.

Arson is rarely a good idea. This is true both in reality and metaphorically. Yet often our first reaction when moving from one point in life to another is to burn that previous bridge to a pile of ash. But what if we realized we made a wrong turn along the way? 

We hate making wring turns. Even more, we hate admitting when we made wrong turns. So often it’s easier in life to cut off where we came from to prevent us from going back. I mean, in some instances that seems understandable. But when that means cutting off potentially healthy relationships, this ends up causing more harm than help. We like to use the analogy of a draw bridge. Sometimes the road needs to be closed to your kingdom but seldom do we want to destroy the path altogether. 

This week we are talking about boundaries, the spiritual journey, and how to maintain relationships even though we have moved on to a new horizon. We chat about when backtracking is needed, what the point of a spiritual drawbridge is, and how we can strive to protect our inner kingdom while maintaining a healthy relationship with both those of like mind and those who are still in a place you once called home.

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

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Snow Day – Braille Atlas

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