151 – Christianity and Cursing: a 101 Crash Course on the Power of Intent

Does God care if we curse or swear? What makes a word bad or good in the eyes of God?

Let’s be honest. We have all had that moment where some random person takes out their bad day on us. We are driving to the store to get cut off by some bloke on the phone. Our boss is in a pissy mood and chews us out for work they didn’t do. Our spouse had a rough day and snips at the first words out of our mouth. And of course, our first thought in these situations has at some point been something a bit… nasty. 

Then there are those times you get up to get a drink of water in the middle of the night only to realize you don’t have any. So you fumble downstairs with the lights off (You don’t want to wake anyone.) just to catch your toe on the corner of a cabinet. “D@** that piece of $&*%”! What, just us? Okay then.

But how much does God care about this? Our traditional upbringing says that curse words are sinful. But is it the word or the intent? What makes a word a curse? When does a prayer become profanity? What instance of saying God out loud strays from casual conversation to taking His name in vain?

Welcome to Christian cursing and the power of intent. This is a 101 on what our words say about our faith (and what our faith says about our words).

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

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Snow Day – Braille Atlas

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