150 – The Gaslight Gospel (How to spread the good news without spreading your own agenda)

Jesus never tore anyone down to rebuild them in His image. Jesus did not gaslight. Jesus saw truth in every soul.

Why do we feel the need to tear someone down in order to build them back up? THat is such an American mentality isn’t it? Why preserve something original and beautiful when we can bulldoze it and build a highrise on it’s grave? Who cares about preserving the individuality!

For our 150th episode, we took a walk through nature (Sorry about the crunching sounds) and had an in-depth talk about gaslighting within the Christian faith and how to properly perform the great commission. We discuss what it looks like to share the good news, how to show the love of Christ without stripping people of their unique identity, and how authority does not mean trust. 

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Spirituality Untamed
Spirituality Untamed

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Snow Day - Braille Atlas
Snow Day – Braille Atlas

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