About Itinerant

Itinerant: Biblical History Beyond The Bible is a bi-weekly podcast exploring many of the people, places, and practices we have read about but might not truly understand. Religion is less a linear path and more a spider web of beliefs – all adopting something from one another. Together, let’s untangle the roots and dig up a deeper understanding of the book we thought we knew so well.

Christianity as we know it has been shaped by an untold number of lives and events throughout history. Much like how limestone is slowly washed away to create stunning natural works of art, so too has our faith been shaped by the acts of others that for better or worse, are forever held captive in the structures of religion. Sadly, many of these aspects of our faith have long been swept off by the current of time but if we look close enough we can still see the unique thumbprint they left behind. Join me, Cody Johnston, as we travel upstream into the depths of Christian history to better understand the people that have influenced our faith. But let me warn you, the journey might leave you with more questions than answers. This is, Itinerant: Biblical History Beyond The Bible. Presented by the Reckless Pursuit.

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