saint valentine love

A Head for a Heart

Who was Saint Valentine? Why is he the patron saint of love? worthy, strong, and powerful; these are the literal definitions of the name given to this would be saint upon his birth. Yet just as time seems to do, you wouldn’t associate these words with him any longer. When…

book of enoch

To Heaven and Back

What place does the book of Enoch play in modern Christianity? In the early days of humanity, just seven generations out of Adam there lived a man who stood out from the crowd. He was the father of The oldest man according to the Bible to have ever lived and…

creation narratives in Genesis

In the Beginning

Why are there two creation narratives in Genesis? Which one is correct? In the beginning, God said let there be. Within a fraction of a moment, mass filled the void and in an infinite expansion, our universe began to grow and take shape. Within the mess of tangled atoms, a…

Saint Nicholas santa claus

Up on the Housetop

Who was Saint Nicholas? How did he become Santa Claus? Punching heretics in the face, swinging an ax at the demonically possessed and saving babies from being boiled alive. Ah yes, doesn’t that just get you in the Christmas spirit? While these things seem like something out of a strange…

magi wise men

We Three Magicians

Who were the Magi? Were they kings, wise men, or practitioners of magic? What was the star over Bethlehem? “If the stars would align then it will be so.” Whether we have realized it or not, many of us have most likely heard and quite possibly used this adage at…

zodiac in the Bible

A Sign For The Times

is the Zodiac in the Bible? What about astrology? Maybe what Revelation speaks of isn’t what we have been taught after all. He couldn’t believe what he saw. As he looked into the night sky he could make out a storm building in the north. Within this storm, he saw…