Witchcraft Bible

The Witching Hour

What does the bible say about witchcraft? What is magic? During the reign of Saul, there was a war that…- CHECK IT OUT! – The Witching Hour
Autumn season and the Word of God

The Forest Set Ablaze

Autumn and the Word of God – What parables were focussed around fall? There is something magical about walking through…- CHECK IT OUT! – The Forest Set Ablaze
what is the cross

Cross your T’s

What is the cross? Is it original to Calvary or does it have older, more pagan roots? There was once…- CHECK IT OUT! – Cross your T’s
What caused the plagues

There Will Be Blood

What caused the plagues in egypt? Was it the hand of God, a natural phenomena, or a mix of both?…- CHECK IT OUT! – There Will Be Blood
who was Solomon?

The Wisest of Them All

Around 970 BC, a young boy, only fifteen years of age, took his seat on the throne of the promised…- CHECK IT OUT! – The Wisest of Them All
What are Demons?

We Are Legion

In the Country of the Gadarenes, around 30AD, a small ship could be seen drifting in from the west. Upon…- CHECK IT OUT! – We Are Legion