magi wise men

We Three Magicians

Who were the Magi? Were they kings, wise men, or practitioners of magic? What was the star over Bethlehem? “If…- CHECK IT OUT! – We Three Magicians
zodiac in the Bible

A Sign For The Times

is the Zodiac in the Bible? What about astrology? Maybe what Revelation speaks of isn’t what we have been taught…- CHECK IT OUT! – A Sign For The Times
UFOs in the Bible

I Want To Believe

Are there UFOs in the Bible? What were those strange things seen in the night sky so many times throughout…- CHECK IT OUT! – I Want To Believe
How did Belshazzar die?


How did Belshazzar die? What’s with the ghost hand? Isn’t this all a bit creepy? The Addams Family, a popular…- CHECK IT OUT! – Ghostwriting
dragons in the bible

Spitting Flames

Yes, there are Dragons in the Bible. Christian history is full of them! I want to paint an image for…- CHECK IT OUT! – Spitting Flames
Witchcraft Bible

The Witching Hour

What does the bible say about witchcraft? What is magic? During the reign of Saul, there was a war that…- CHECK IT OUT! – The Witching Hour