028 – Catholic Vs. Protestant (With Kristofer Flatt)

Catholic Vs. Protestant! - This week, Cody and Elaine are talking with Kristofer Flatt about the differences and common grounds of the Catholic and Protestant churches. They also talk about what both denominations can learn from each-other. - Christianity is a very diverse, very large religion that has been divided into so many smaller segments of belief but that was never Jesus’ Intent. This episode it to try to help us come together in unity as one church.

de·nom·i·na·tion” - /dəˌnäməˈnāSH(ə)n/ - a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church.

Kristofer Flatt

Kristofer Flatt

Kristofer Flatt has spent his life split between Catholicism and Protestantism and is familiar with both. He is newly married to Catherine Flatt and is a videographer and co-owner of “Flattkat Productions”. Visit Flattkat Productions:

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