You are Not Big Enough to Mess Up God’s Plan

“God’s plan is going to be fine. You are not big enough to mess up God’s plan.” – Tristan Williford

How many times have we struggled with our identity and questioned who we are? I can’t tell you how many times I have debated with God about who I think I am. Heck, I’m even questioning it right now. However, I think these questions are normal to ask as human beings. Honestly, I think these questions are what truly make us who we are. Of course, there are times where we mess up and make mistakes and then we try again. Sometimes, those mistakes can even cause us to question our existence. We tend to think that we have ruined the course for our lives. But there is beauty in the fact that we are not that big.

Do you think the person who created the universe, the stars, and the Heavens would allow our direction to be swayed by a simple mistake? I don’t believe that the author of Grace and Mercy would allow us to fall flat on our faces without any sense of direction. We may make mistakes but we are not going to mess up God’s plan for our lives. We may be flawed but we still have a purpose for our lives. I do believe, however, that when we start to question our purpose, this allows us to take a step back. Sometimes, questioning where we are at allows us the space to begin to understand God’s plan for our lives. We may not have the power to change God’s plan, but we do have the power to be a part of God’s plan.

When you find yourself questioning your life and where you’re at, allow that mindset to shift to a place where you can find your purpose. When you start to ask yourself what you’re good and at what your strengths are, start utilizing those abilities. There is purpose even in the dark and scary places of our minds. We may not be able to always understand God’s plan for us. But, we are able to play our parts. If you find yourself questioning just what that role is, you are not alone. We are all waiting to find out how our gifts and talents will be utilized throughout life. I think the beauty of the behind-the-scenes in God’s eyes. We all have a purpose for our lives and we aren’t big enough to mess it up or give it away.

As always, be brave, be bold, and be reckless.

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