051 – Purity Culture (Part 1)

We want to teach our kids well. We don’t want them to suffer or make mistakes. But what if our methods actually drove them into the very thing we tried to prevent? - This week we are talking about purity culture. True love waits, abstinence courses, and fear tactics make up the bulk of the churches methods into coaxing the youth to not have sex, but there is no real education taught. Often, purity culture can leave a devastating wake of identity issues, condemnation, fear of sex, and can even contribute to rape culture.

Ready for part 2? Find it here:https://therecklesspursuit.com/episode051/

Purity: /ˈpyo͝orədē/ - freedom from adulteration or contamination.

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• What was your experience with purity culture?
• Thinking back, how did it effect you, for the better or worse?

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