You Are Loved This Valentine’s Day

You are loved this Valentine’s Day. 

If this is a hard day for you, you are not alone. Valentine’s Day can be a rough day for those who have loved and lost. Valentine’s Day can be a sting to those in the midst of all of the cheesy cards, oversized teddy bears. Often times we still feel lonely and unloved despite the generic greeting card kind of love. But cheap gifts will never be able to satisfy the longingness. Stuffed teddy bears and chocolate candy can’t replace the warmth and appreciation we desire so much.

I think society often gets this holiday wrong. This day can represent romantic feelings between you and your significant other. However, Valentine’s Day can also bring out emotions such as loneliness, bitterness, and depression for those who are hurting. Sadly, relationships are not immune to the sting of obligation, guilt, and unmet expectations that we so often misplace upon each other. The thing that society has gotten most wrong is that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romantics and happily married couples. Did you know that this day is also for those who are brokenhearted and lonely.

The Biggest Lie Valentine’s Day Sells Us

The biggest lie that we allow ourselves to believe is that we are unlovable. We think that if we aren’t in a relationship  we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. This holiday is probably one of the best days to celebrate the love we have for our friends, our family, and even the strangers you run into at the gas station. Why? Because we cannot compartmentalize love into heart-shaped boxes and pink teddy bears for one day only. And neither can we compartmentalize God’s unfailing love for us.

The Biggest Truth Jesus Shows Us

If no one tells you today, you are loved beyond measure? Jesus loves you whether today is Valentine’s Day or any other day in the year. 1st John 3 shows the love the Father is constantly lavishing upon us! We shall rejoice in knowing that Valentine’s Day is the best way to share the love of our Father. We desire a Jesus sized love the most and it is readily accessible anywhere at any given time. How great it is to know that He is a God that heals our broken hearts and wounded souls?! Celebrate this holiday with the ones you love the most. Allow His love for you to overwhelm you today and fill you with the greatest joy of all.

May this day be a reminder of a love that never waivers.


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