God Isn’t Afraid of Your Questions

Can I tell you a secret? You are actually a lot closer to God than you think you are if you are doubting your Faith.

You are a lot closer to God than you think you are

The reason why you are closer to God than you may realize is because your questions are causing you to discover the world around. you. Why I would say such a thing? Because it’s true. God isn’t afraid of your questions. When you start to question what you believe, it means you are searching for the truth. You are wanting to dig deeper and dive into what truth looks like for you.

Did you know God actually desires for you to wrestle with Him? Not because He wants you to struggle with fear or self-doubt, but because He wants you to understand Him through your perspective. That’s what a healthy relationship looks like, right? You wouldn’t truly understand your spouse if you only saw them how other people saw them, right? Same thing with God. He desires you to find out who He is for yourself, not what your pastor or your parents tell you He is.

God isn’t afraid of your questions because it means you are wanting to discover more about Him. I can’t tell you how many questions I have about who God is to me and what Faith looks like to me. But that is completely normal. Asking questions is completely normal. And I want you to believe that you are normal for your questions. You are not alone in your questions because we all have them. And no question is too big for God.

Why questions seem scary (and why they don’t have to be)

Many people actually are afraid of their own questions. But a lot of that fear doesn’t stem from finding answers. Actually, a lot of the fear you may be facing in your self-doubt is the fear of what other people might think. You may have been belittled or ostracized for your questions. And I want to apologize on behalf of anyone who has ever made you feel small for your larger than life questions. Why? Because too many people are blindly accepting “truth” to keep the peace but they are really struggling internally. And that’s no way to live. That’s no way to have a relationship with God.

But when we are able to fully express our thoughts and emotions, that is where we find the truth we are looking for. When people are able to freely express their doubts and struggles, the world doesn’t quite feel so lonely anymore.

My challenge for you today is to embrace your questions. God isn’t afraid of your questions. Go on, I dare you to ask Him something you’ve been wrestling with today. I dare you to seek the truth for yourself.

This week, Cody and I are talking with David Hayward, the Naked Pastor, about what it means to question your faith. Deconstruction is something that we all go through at some point in our lives. But questioning your Faith and asking questions doesn’t have to be scary. What may surprise you is finding just how close to God you really are.

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