Green flags, pt. 3 | What to look for in a spiritual leader or mentor

“What are Green Flags to Look for in a Spiritual Leader, Mentor, or Parent?”

Do pastors have “spiritual authority” over their congregation? Are titles given or received? And what does it mean to have a “spiritual parent”?

This week, we are wrapping up our 3-part series of “Green Flags,” where we explore what makes a healthy church, creating a healthy community, and what to look for when in a healthy Spiritual leader.

In part 3, we discuss green flags to look for in a spiritual leader, mentor, and parent. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a healthy spiritual leader, green flags in leadership, and what level of authority pastors actually have, then this episode is for you! Whether you’re a pastor, an authority figure in the church, or you’re simply looking for spiritual counsel, here are a few green flags to ensure healthy leadership!

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