Is “Christian” Still the Right Term for a Follower of Christ?

Is “Christian” Still the Right Term for a Follower of Christ?

Can I still call myself a Christian if many of the actions of others don’t represent Christ? Is there a better alternative than the term “Christian”? Does “Follower of the Way or “Follower of Christ” mean the same thing as Christianity? Does it have the same connotation? Is there anything wrong with the term Christian or is it outdated? Can the term “Christian” evolve into something else that means truth and love to us?

This week, we polled our NOMADS group if they struggled with calling themselves Christian, and while we had varying answers, the majority of everyone said yes. Throughout many conversations we’ve had in our group and on our social media channels, other individuals shared that while they don’t have a hard time associating with the term Christian, they had a hard time associating with other Christians. So we wanted to bring the conversation behind the mic. 

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