Happy Birthday, The Reckless Pursuit!

Happy Birthday, The Reckless Pursuit!

One Year of Podcasting

This week, we are celebrating our ONE year of podcasting!

56 episodes.
55 weeks.
30+ voices.
13 interviews.
7 call-in episodes.
1 bonus episode.

That’s what we have accomplished this past year. Not to mention all of the relationships we have built along the way and all of the lessons that we have learned. From our first steps at recording to the first blog posts we’ve written to now, celebrated one year.

Birthdays are a special thing, especially when you celebrate the growth of something you have created. Not only did Cody and I create The Reckless Pursuit, but we had all of you guys to thank to keeping the conversations alive.

We are so thankful for all of the voices featured on the show for stepping up and being brave with their stories, bold with their words, and recklessly pursuing Christ.

Thank You For Listening

For all of the people who have listened to the show and contributed behind the scenes, thank you. For all of the people who have listened every episode each week to even make this possible, thank you. We seriously could not have made this happen without you guys. Every single one of you has helped us grow and helped The Reckless Pursuit flourish. This week isn’t about us, but about all of you guys. We value all of your thoughts, questions, and friendships. Truly, we are thankful for the year of laughter, tears, lessons, and digging deeper.

We are so excited to be able to continue the conversation by asking the hard questions and sharing experiences of heartbreak and triumph. Here is to the next year of deep conversations, long-lasting friendships, and strong community.

Next year, we will have accomplished so much more.

We hope you play a part.

Happy Birthday, The Reckless Pursuit!

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