070 – Inclusive God vs an Exclusive religion

Is God inclusive? If so, why does Christianity seem so exclusive? With groups like the LGBTQ+ showing love so freely why is a belief based on a God who created everyone so unaccepting and worse, unloving of so many people? This week we tackle the topic, “Is God inclusive?”. We talk about how fear is a driving factor to the church’s exclusivity and we have divided ourselves off from the rest of God’s creation. We also talk about the downsides of evangelicalism and the uprising of the ex-vangelical movement. We have become so focussed on what people are doing wrong that it seems we have often lost the ability to see what is good and right in people. At one point the church feared those who are wolves. Now more times than not the sheep are the ones turning on themselves.

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•   How can I go out and show love to someone my religious baggage would have once kept me from doing?

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We use faith as a banner but that’s not winning anyone to Christ. We are too busy preaching about how God is going to take care of someone’s needs and miss actually taking care of someone’s needs. - Cody Click To Tweet 
God didn’t create us the same. He gave us free will and an identity to be who we were called to be from Him, not who called to be from a pastor, a teacher, or leaders. - Elaine Click To Tweet 


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