Johnston Wedding – Irish Traditions

Happy anniversary to us! We actually just celebrated our wedding anniversary this past week. On December 17th, 2016, we said “I do” to forever adventures and coffee dates. But what made our Johnston wedding unique? We added a special, old Irish tradition to our wedding vows!

When we were trying to figure out wedding details, we wanted to be able to incorporate something unique to our vow ceremony.

Essentially, Cody wanted to represent part of his Irish lineage. We contemplated handfasting where you tie your hands together during the ceremony. Ultimately, we decided that it may be too much of hassle and decided against it. While we went back and forth on a tradition though, we were able to incorporate the Johnston tartan. The Johnston tartan consists of a green, navy, and yellow plaid palette. Our dream wedding was a December wedding and so not only were we able to have greenery and winter foliage, these three colors went perfectly with the theme. We were even able to incorporate the Johnston crest as one of our decorations.

Johnston Wedding Bell

What I think really stood out was the vow ceremony for us. We loved the idea of taking communion together as we entered into our marriage. However, we also decided to add something really special.

In Irish culture, an old tradition was to have a bell during the vow ceremony. The ringing of the bell was to signify the importance of two becoming one. How lucky were we to have found the perfect bell in an old thrift shop! We were able to have our name and date of the wedding engraved around the rim. We were also able to put a fancy bow made out the Johnston tartan around it as well. Not only were we able to ring the bell after we said “I do”, but the bell has an even more significant meaning behind it.

It is said to keep the wedding bell near so that if you ever find yourself fighting with your spouse, one of you can ring it and reminisce about your wedding day. The wedding bell is to remind you of your vows for one another and the love you have for each other. I think this is such a sweet, yet simple reminder to always know that you and your spouse are a team.

Happy Anniversary

That’s how Cody and I view our relationship. We are each other’s teammate and most valuable player for each other. We view each other as equals in our marriage and we are able to always come back to that point. For the most part, Cody and I don’t really fight or have huge arguments, and I think this is because of this team mentality. However, our bell sits on our mantle as a constant reminder. Some days I still walk past the fireplace and be reminded of our wedding day and how special it was to be surrounded by our friends and family.

Happy two years to us and many more to come!

*Also, if you haven’t, please listen to this week’s episode! Cody and I talk about the things we have learned in the past two years of marriage. If this resonates with you, let us know! Have any married tricks or secrets that remind you of the love you have for your spouse? Leave a comment below!

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