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This week marks the date of the 25th episode of our podcast, The Reckless Pursuit.
Humble Beginnings

So much has changed since we started back in February of this year. When this year started, Cody and I had goals for this year. You know, the usual, “get fit”, “be financially stable”, “travel more” etc, but we weren’t super specific. Last Fall, we had started a Christian apparel and home goods line, Cedar Temple Trade Company, that we thought started to take off for the Christmas season but once Christmas came and went, we never saw any sales. We quickly realized nobody was in a buying mood. Running sales and contests ended up being a flop. So we tried to send our products to influencers and partner with similar organizations but we realized our efforts were going nowhere. After a couple sessions of our MasterMind group with some of our friends, we realized we had to shift our outlook. We needed to find something else that would be more beneficial to others than a simple t-shirt. So, we decided to launch this podcast as a new means of sharing our hearts with others.

Starting a Deeper Conversation

Since the start of our podcast, a lot has happened between these past 25 episodes. We have had several friends as guests on the podcast with topics ranging from worshipping God to doubting God. Recently, our episodes have taken a more serious turn since the beginning of the Summer where I was in the hospital for a week-long stay and the recent yet unexpected passing of Cody’s mother a couple weeks ago. Some of our topics range from being a Christian while struggling with anxiety, depression, and fear. We have also talked about mourning the loss of a loved one and how to carry on when life gets heavy. We even discussed how God can still guide us through our pain and brokenness. Cody and I really feel on our hearts that it is time to go forth with our efforts and continue on this journey of podcasting and reaching out to those who are struggling to find their purpose in life.

New Outlets

Our 25th episode launches this week and we want to shift our focus. Our goal is to be more creative so we can utilize our gifts and talents. In the upcoming weeks, we will have other means of content to complement our podcast. This purpose of this blog is to share what God is doing in our lives. We will also be producing video content so you are able to get to know us better. We want to dive into a deeper understanding of God, Christianity, the Church, and how to survive modern day life. There is power in unity so our community group is always open for conversation. This is a new season of life that we are stepping into and we would like to invite you to join us on this journey. Thank you to those who have made The Reckless Pursuit what it is today. Thank you for listening and being a part of a deeper conversation.

As always, be brave, be bold, and be reckless.

We’ll talk soon.

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