Seasons Embrace Change and Welcome Growth, So Must We

If seasons embrace change and welcome growth, then so must we.

Something that I have really been sitting with lately is the idea of change. We all have different seasons in our lives and in some way or another, they represent growth. Even if we don’t feel as if we are growing in the moment, there is still evidence of growth on the other side of things.

And it’s crazy to think that we hate the idea of change. We live these comfortable lives where we don’t want things to be change. We don’t want to be thrown off kilter or feel imbalanced. But the truth of the matter is, for the most part, we hate the idea of change.

I mean, let’s face it. Change is uncomfortable. And in some circumstances, change doesn’t feel good at the moment. I recently had a revelation of the idea around “growing pains”. The realization came from recognizing that the term “growing pains” is just a fancy phrase for stepping outside of the box.

I began to envision myself being trapped in this box of what other people wanted me to be. I fit the mold of what other people wanted my life to look like and how I should represent myself. And the unraveling and the unfolding is really uncomfortable. And then I realized, anytime we stretch ourselves and step outside of our comfort zones, it feels as if there is an inevitable pain that comes with growth.

The Beauty and Magic in Changing Seasons

But when we think about the change of seasons, all of a sudden, we find beauty and magic in transformation. We admire the leaves changing from different shades of green to different shades of red, orange, and yellow. We admire the beauty that is nature and all of its unraveling and unboxing of itself. And yet, we don’t recognize the beauty or magic in our own transformation.

And then the thought occurred to me. If seasons embrace change and welcome growth, then so must we. If we find beauty and magic in the changing of seasons and how each seasonal pattern serves us in a different way, then why can’t we see the same beauty and magic within ourselves? Why do we not allow ourselves to grow and evolve as human beings?

We become so fixated other the growth of others that we tend to leave ourselves out of the equation. But there is so much more to change than just the growing pains. There is the beauty of surrender and giving ourselves to the process. If we truly embraced change and welcomed truth, maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Maybe if we allowed ourselves to freely evolve, then maybe we too could embrace and welcome the unraveling of ourselves.

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