130 – Reacting vs. Responding (How Cancel Culture has prohibited growth)

It hurts to be rejected by someone else. But what hurts worse is rejecting who you are.

Despite sounding similar, reacting and responding is not the same thing. A reaction is more irrational. It is primal and full of emotion but a response is thought out and more open. Both of these have their place but we often mix up which to use when. 

We should spend less time reacting to other people’s experiences and more time responding to learn and grow in love. When we react towards someone we often end up pushing someone further into the very thing that garnered our reaction in the first place. Reacting is picking up the stone to beat the adulterous woman, responding is to tell her no one here is going to bring her harm, now learn from this experience.

This week we are talking about cancel culture, being true to yourself, and using disagreements as an opportunity to create conversation and grow. It is easy to try and silence someone’s voice but true wisdom is realizing you too can learn from other’s perspectives and have a positive interaction despite their position. 

Oh and side note: just because someone reacts towards you does not mean you have to fuel the fire by reacting to them. Trust us, rejecting yourself by stooping to such a level is a far worse punishment than the rejection you feel from their reaction against you.

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