Sticky Words Aren’t Always Laced with Honey…

Sticky words aren’t always laced with honey. If you have ever grieved the words of a Christian, I am so sorry.

I am so sorry for the way people have treated you. If you have ever felt fearful for your life, if you have ever felt ostracized for your beliefs, or if you have ever felt like an outcast, I am so sorry.

So many times people mock, hate, slander others for their belief systems all in the name of “Christ”. But I feel as if Christ walked the Earth today, He would feel most brokenhearted for those who have corrupted His teachings. There is nothing Christ-like about making someone feel insignificant for breathing.

Sticky Words

This past week, Cody and I talked about “sticky” words on the podcast. You know, those nasty, mean, vile, heart-shattering words used against us. Before we hit the record button, we had been asking people if they had ever felt the sting of something another “believer” has told them. Not surprisingly, almost every person we spoke to had something that they were still dealing with. We also had a couple of call-ins where people shared their stories with us. And every single one of these stories felt the pain of “sticky” words, even after much time had passed.

If you have ever been told something where it has taken you YEARS of un-learning someone else’s opinions and allegations towards you, I am so sorry.

Some of you have been following this journey with us for quite some time. For some of you, this may be your first impression of who we are at The Reckless Pursuit.

Honestly, this may be the first impression you ever have of Jesus. If this is your first impression, I hope we leave an honest one. Cody and I never want to come across as if we have all the answers. Nor do we ever want to come off as “holier than thou”. But, we sincerely hope you are able to see even a glimpse of what it means to see the real, true Jesus.

I’m sorry if you have ever had to realize that sticky words aren’t always laced with honey. And I’m sorry if you have had to realize that sometimes “Christians” are always the best representation of Christ. We are all broken people and it would be a lie to proclaim that we’re anything more.

If you have never experienced who Jesus truly is, we invite you to come and sit at our table.

We want to find out the true Jesus, together.

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