What Does True Ministry Look Like?

When we think of ministry, we often think of pastors leading the Church or missionaries in third-world countries. But what does true ministry look like? Despite popular belief, true ministry starts wherever you’re at. Ministry may look like working in a church, but you can be the Church outside of those four walls. Being the Church looks a lot like forming relationships with those around you. It may mean helping the homeless in hard times. But it can also mean being there for your coworkers in trials.

In this weeks episode, Cody and I talk about The Art of The Great Commission. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about ministry is that working for a Church is the ultimate goal. Yes, God calls some people to lead a congregation. God may call some people to teach and prepare lessons every week. But God calls all His people to lead in their surroundings. God calls us to lead outside of Sunday services.

Your current situation can be your greatest mission field.

With Cody’s past experience of being a worship pastor and a youth pastor, he explains how working for the Church isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Yes, there are amazing parts for working in a church. However, there are amazing perks to working in the business field as well. Because we own a business, we are able to minister to those we see at work every day. We are able to serve those in the parking lot of Sam’s on our inventory runs. Even outside of work, we are able to serve the community around us.

We believe that although God may call you to lead on Sunday mornings, ministry opportunities don’t have to stop there. There are opportunities all around you. There are people who are hurting that aren’t in church. It is our job to be aware of our surroundings and to be open to those people.


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