What is Bringing You Joy Today?

Seriously, what is bringing you joy today?

Life is too short not to find beauty amidst the chaos. It really is about finding joy in the “little” things in life. It’s easy to be grateful for the big things in our lives but it can be easy to overlook the little moments. Now, more than ever is the best time to stay present and be in the moment. Now, more than ever is the time to find joy. We all need a little more joy in our lives.

In fact, that is exactly the focus this week is staying still and being in the present moment. We talked with Matt MacDonald (The Classic Crime) about the writing process behind Patterns in the Static and why it is essential to simply be present. As soon as we listened to their new album, we knew immediately that we wanted to chat with Matt. We are forever grateful for this conversation, as well as new ones to come.

I also recently shared a post on our Instagram about using this time as an opportunity to create from the heart. To make things from within and to go back to your old passions.

So, in what areas are you finding joy in those moments? What are you creating right now that brings you joy, that speaks life to you? Let’s all share our favorite moments lately. The world needs a little more joy right now.

Our Current Favorite Things

Here is a random list of things that are bringing us joy today. Feel free to take away, share, and/or add your favorite things.

  1. Enjoyable hours spent playing Animal Crossing
  2. The Classic Crime’s new album
  3. Twenty One Pilots new single
  4. Art and Creativity
  5. Morning Coffee and Contemplation
  6. Hiking the great outdoors
  7. Business opportunities
  8. Random talks with friends online
  9. Enjoying random snacks throughout the day
  10. Watching Doppler enjoy riding in the car with the windows down
  11. Making a kiln to make ocarinas

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