Why does it matter?

Why does it matter?

You may be asking, “Why does what matter”, which is exactly the right question. Why does it matter? What is it? Why are we here, doing this thing? What purpose does it serve? What even is it are we looking for?

This week’s question opens up the conversation for even more questions. But what’s new? Whether you’re a business owner, a podcast host, a dentist, a ring leader, a pastor, or a middle school art teacher, you’ve probably asked yourself why does any of it matter? What purpose does it serve to do what you’re doing right now at this moment?

And does there have to be a deeper meaning or purpose behind what we’re doing (or not doing)? The only answer we have for you is simply, or not so simply, “Yes, and”. It’s all up for interpretation. You have the freedom to go as deep as you want to go.

We’re curious though, what are your thoughts? Why does it all matter to you? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in our NOMADS community or reach out via social media. As always, our DM’s are always open!

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