Why We Need More Time to Pause and Reflect

If you can’t remember the last time you took some time to pause and reflect, maybe it’s time to take a step back and get a new perspective.

One of the biggest things that I am learning is that it’s okay if the things that used to bring you joy no longer serve you. Sometimes we need to realize what is or what isn’t working out for us and learn from these experiences.

What I Found After I Took Time to Pause and Reflect

I know for me, I took a step back from blogging a couple of months ago. But it’s not that I no longer enjoyed writing. It’s just that my writing was growing stagnant and Cody and I were focusing on different interviews for our our show, As I was also in the process of launching my solo podcast, The Prodigal Daughter. So I needed to step away for a bit. And after I took the time to pause and reflect, I realized that it wasn’t that I wasn’t passionate about writing.

The real reason why my writing was growing stagnant was that I just wasn’t passionate about the content that I was writing. Looking back now, I recognize that the content was necessary for the conversations that we were having on and off the show. However, my heart wasn’t in it and I didn’t want to be a disservice to our community. So, I took some needed time off and now, I feel like I’m slowly starting to pick up blogging again.

What You May Find When You Lose Something

It be like that sometimes, right?

Sometimes we need to take time to pause and reflect to come back to our true passions. This helps us to remember why we started in the first place. But other times, when we take a step back, we realize there are other things needing us to occupy the time. For me, writing will always be one of my greatest passions. No matter how many times I take a back seat, I will always come back to writing. However, there may be other things along the way that I may find where my other interests lie.

Like I mentioned previously, it’s okay if the things that used to bring you joy no longer serve you. There’s no rule that you have to keep going if your heart really isn’t in it. If you feel fatigued and you need to take a breather, it’s no sweat. Take as long as you need. But if you feel like you need to pursue a different passion because you feel drawn to a new direction, that’s absolutely okay too.

Here’s the thing. You will know in your spirit whether or not it’s time to take a break or give up completely. It’s okay to try new things. In fact, it’s important to take time to find yourself. You never know what you mind find.

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